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Anime / Manga


Sailor Moon 2004-03-23
Lets see how good Sailor Moon is!
If they made a Cartoon/video/anime fighting game 2004-03-23
I had this idea where different cartoons, Video game and Anime characters duke it out against eac...
Tenchi Muyo Fight Club 2004-02-11
I saw a poll like this before, only using characters from different animes. I thought I'd make on...
The IN-SANE *fingertwirl* Yu-Gi-Oh poll! 2004-02-03
A poll for any fan of Yu-Gi-Oh (particularly rabid ones) just dying to answer some questions abou...
Anime deathmatch 2004-01-16
matchups between anime characters
Top Anime & Strength in Goku Dojo Poll 2003-12-23
You must be familiar with the Dragonball-vgames. There is a few questions about roms & emulat...
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 2003-12-17
9/7/2005 - Updated. Deleted the Fake Kaiba question, because I saw the Japanese summary. Also add...
what is the best videogame YU GI OH Game 2003-12-16
i am looking fotr the best one out there
Best all time anime 2003-12-12
Best anime ever
Best gundam series of all time 2003-12-12
every single gundam series is listed. which is the best of the best?
Yu Gi Oh 2003-12-12
What's your favourite card
Mother of All Favorite Anime Polls 2003-12-12
Uses the list of anime on Wikipedia as of 12/11/03. Titles with no votes, and which I have nev...
!pokemon ru/sa poll! 2003-11-15
hi! its just to know what do normal poeple think.
The best dragonballz/matrix/otherstuffilike poll ever! 2003-10-28
This is a poll for people who like Dragonball Z, The Matrix/animatrix, and lots more stuff with c...
Gotenks's Dragonball/Z/GT Poll 2003-10-27
Just take the damn poll if you're a Dragonball fan, okay?
2004 Anime Choice Awards 2003-10-14
Vote! Deadline for voting is December 31, 2003
All About YUGIOH!!! 2003-10-09
For ya'll yugioh fans heres the ultimate poll
What's your favorite anime? 2003-10-02
Here, you can vote on your favorite anime. Just simply vote!
vote for the best anime of all time
Favorite Anime Movies 2003-08-31
I just bought Vampire Hunter D, BloodLust. I own Spirited Away also. I want to know other people'...
Who's the coolest monster in Yu-Gi-Oh 2003-07-29
Who's is the coolest and tightest monster in YuGiOh
Digimon 2003-07-25
Hi Chi ^-^ this is my first Poll so please let this work ^-^ or at least a little bit good lol
What Anime do you like Best? 2003-07-24
Choose one of these Anime's that you think are the best.
Pokémon Poll 2003-07-18
Just wonder what everybody's favorite pokémon is.
Manga Quiz 2003-07-16
I just want to know how you rank Manga. I hope you like my quiz.