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Anime / Manga


vote for your all-time favorite cartoon swordsman
ANIME 2005-01-14
ANIME! trying to find which is the best anime :D sorry if i didnt put yours.
Dragonball Z 2005-01-14
Who's the best?
ANIME 2005-01-11
Just VOte
Anime Magical Girl Poll 2005-01-03
This is a poll about what anime magical girl characters you like the best. Have Fun!
Favorite character on the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! 2004-12-30
Who is your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! character from the following.
What's Your Fave Yu-Gi-Oh Character? 2004-12-15
Vote for your fave Yu-Gi-Oh character now!
Anime Poll 2004-12-08
This poll is about finding out what anime characters and series are the best.
Sailor Moon Female Villains 2004-11-25
Sailor Moon had many beautiful, female villains. This is a comprehensive poll about them.
Anime Sword Fight Contest Round 3 2004-11-13
Who is better with the sword? the can use the sword and any skills with the sword to defeat their...
Manga!Manga!Manga! 2004-11-10
hey do u love manga? well c wat other peoples fave manga r
. ; What is your favorite anime? : . 2004-11-05
I have switched poll servers for AnimeSpiritZ since my last one crashed. This month's poll will b...
Duel Monsters (Yu-Gi-Oh! Sux) 2004-10-18
This poll is all about the popular TCG/CCG Duel Monsters. I refuse to call it Yu-Gi-Oh! due to t...
Anime Poll 2004-10-13
This is a poll reguarding my favorite anime (Japanese Animation). Please answer any or all questi...
Anime Sword Fight Contest Round 1 2004-09-15
Who is better with the sword? the can use the sword and any skills with the sword to defeat their...
Which anime is better? 2004-09-15
Which anime is better?
What's your favorite anime show ever!!!!! 2004-09-13
this poll is about like on what's your favorite anime show ever meaning on your best anime show y...
Best Anime! 2004-07-20
do you like yu-gi-oh? 2004-07-14
hey people who likes yu-gi-oh well ill see sown becuase you cool guys and girls will vote
Cowboy Bebop 2004-07-13
This is anime people
Anime Sword Fight Contest Nominations part 2 2004-06-07
Pick The 10 Best Sword Fighters on this list
Sailor Moon Poll 2004-05-26
This poll is self-explanatory...it's about Sailor Moon.
Anime Sword Fight Contest Nominations 2004-05-06
Pick up to 32 characters and if you have any suggestions let me know in the talk about this poll ...
Character Fights (mangas, movies, games and more) 2004-04-28
This is a GIANT collection of character fights. Nuff said.
Yu Gi Oh 2004-04-13
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