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Anime / Manga


Dragonball Z/GT 2005-06-09
Please vote this poll i will thank you
.Hack//SIGN 2005-06-09
Ok I've been waching this Great anime recently and I'm planing on reading the manga soon. So I wa...
Yahiko Myojin and Tsubame Sanjo 2005-06-05
The poll is about the love between Yahiko Myojin and Tsubame Sanjo
Best DragonballZ(GT) Fighter 2005-06-05
Pick one
Ultimate full Meatl Alchamist Poll 2005-06-01
;) full metal alchamist
Rurouni Kenshin GALORE! 2005-05-31
Vote on the best characters and fights in Rurouni Kenshin!
Anime Couples 2005-05-24
Which Anime couples do you like?
Renaming Revisited 2005-05-24
Okay, so perhaps I didn't specific things quite as much as I should have. I'm making this new pol...
Renaming Twin Two 2005-05-21
The majority (myself included) believe Sailor Italy should not be "Italy." Let's find t...
Do you like pokemon? 2005-05-21
This is a short, small poll, yes or no, you get the picture
Which anime is better? 2005-05-13
I'm wanting to see what anime people are more interested in.
Inuyasha 2005-05-09
My Fav is it yours
Inuyasha - Everyone's Favorite 1/2 Dog Demon 2005-04-29
Poll is about the popular after-hours anime series, now in its fourth season.
The HUGE Anime Poll 2005-04-26
We all love it and we can't live without it, hail anime!
Shonen Jump 2005-04-24
This is like, one of the first polls in this section, and its asking you what your fav shonen jum...
Hottest Bishounen 2005-04-24
From my magazine, this is a poll to decide who's the hottest of anime/manga bishounen. Have fun^^...
Sonic X 2005-04-24
This poll about "Sonic X"
Dragonball AF Poll 2005-04-21
This poll is about dbaf!!!!
Yu-Gi-Oh 2005-03-29
All about Yugioh!!! (tell me if I should add something else)
Pokémon starters! 2005-03-18
Early on in any pokémon RPG game, a big decision has to be made: Which Pokémon do you go on yo...
What are you favorite kinds of anime? 2005-02-24
A few questions about what kind of animes you perfer. if you don't like anime, you probably don't...
dragonball z/gt fan poll 2005-02-19
my poll is about your favourite dragonballz/gt stuff
Dbz Vrs Street Fighter 2005-02-11
which is better
Dragon Ball Z: Head to Head 2005-02-04
This is it. Vote for who you think would come out on top in these ultimate DBZ battles. If you h...
Hey Digimon fans! Come hither now or else! 2005-02-04
I know the beginning episodes featuring Tai, Sora, Matt, Izzy, Mimi, Joe, and TK were aired years...