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Anime / Manga


Your Favorite Anime 2005-09-28
I want you to answer this one, especially to those anime addicts, fans or whatsoever
who is better batman or batman beyond 2005-09-23
i think batman is better than batman beyond but i want to know your opinions.
Favourite Hayao Miyazaki Film 2005-09-23
What is your favourite Hayao Miyazaki film?
Which of these titles sound catchy? 2005-09-23
Pick a title that sound catchy to you.
Fushigi Yugi: Who is the Best Seishi? 2005-09-14
After looking at the Yu-Gi-Oh polls I figured it would nice to have something related to GOOD anime.
Code Lyoko 2005-09-14
This poll is about Code Lyoko
Who is the hottest animated guy? 2005-09-14
Help crown "the hottest animated guy"
Which? 2005-09-13
V.S. CHAR (anime GAMES movies) 2005-09-06
everyones a winner except the losers
Whats the hottest animated character? 2005-08-29
Vote to see which cartoon is hotter.
Favorite Inuyasha Character Tournament Round 1 2005-08-24
Pick your favorite character from Inuyasha out of the choices. Have fun!
Teen Titans poll 2005-08-23
best samurai champloo fighter 2005-08-19
samurai champloo
Cutest of them all 2005-08-19
This is to determine who is the cutest, lovable and handsome or should I say beautiful of them al...
whos your favorate rurouni kenshin cha. 2005-08-10
just take this quiz if you like rurouni kenshin ok!
Avatar 2005-08-04
This is the Avatar poll! It rocks and have fun!
INUYASHA!!!! 2005-08-04
This is awesome! Hope you do good and enjoy!
Yet, Another DBZ Poll Part6!!!! 2005-08-02
Hi, DBZ fans and welcome to my 6th poll! Enjoy your voting!
Hellsing 2005-07-29
Let's see which Hellsing character is more popular, the most hated and which one of them would yo...
Anime Vs. Manga 2005-07-21
Anime vs. Manga
Disney vs Looney Tunes 2005-07-11
This is to see could win in a fight between Disney and Looney tunes.
Favorite RK Male 2005-07-06
Which RK Male do you like the most?
INYUASHA 2005-07-05
What character are you?Find out which inu character your most like.
The ultimate anime poll! 2005-06-30
This is a poll about my favourite anime movies. PLEASE ANSWER ONLY if YOU HAVE WATCHED THE ENTIRE...
Girly Pokemons 2005-06-15
Any of you that have watched Pokemon or Pocket Monsters animes or have played those games, should...