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Anime / Manga


Who's the HOTTEST manga guy? 2006-03-08
Here's your chance to pick the best of the best, I want to see what you think.
What if..... 2006-03-06
What if you took a poll and it asked you questions like this?
anime 2006-03-05
is it gay
Anime what if 2006-03-05
figure out what you would do with an anime character
Naruto thus far poll 2006-03-02
what did you think
Avatar:The Last Airbender Poll!!11!!oneone 2006-03-02
So we all know and love Avatar:the Last Airbender/Avatar:The Legend of Aang/Master of the Element...
Who's what and who should be with in Naruto 2006-02-26
This is a poll about who you think in Naruto is the smartest,stupidest,etc. Also about your fav...
Fave superhero/villain 2006-02-16
Just a test
which dbz/gt chars. will make the best fusion? 2006-02-15
which dbz/gt chars. will make the best fusion?
Simpsons Popularity 2006-02-13
Are the Simpsons still a hot item in popular culture?
A poll about NARUTO!! 2006-02-02
I've just began to watch the anime "Naruto" and I enjoyed it. I've got some questions a...
Yu-Gi-Oh 2006-01-25
It's time to DUEL!!
Should there be another Dragonball series? 2006-01-25
I think there should be another Dragonball series. Please take this poll
Is MILOTIC really the "most beautiful Pokemon"??? 2006-01-14
In the games' Pokedex and animes, they say Milotic (Feebas' evolved form) is the "most beaut...
"Only The best" 2006-01-12
"Only The best"
How Much Do YOU Like Code Lyoko? 2006-01-12
If You Like Video Games And Wish You Could ACTUALLY Go Into The Game, This Poll About Code Lyoko ...
The Best Anime 2006-01-11
This is something to settle all arguments about the best anime.
Code Lyoko 2006-01-06
Code Lyoko RULES!!!!!!
Favorite Types of Adversaries. 2006-01-06
This poll is to see what kind of antagonists, or enemies that the AVERAGE person likes as far as ...
Tokyo MewMew or Sailor Moon 2006-01-06
which is better
Yu Yu Hakusho 2006-01-04
Inuyasha 2006-01-04
Which Inuyasha Character Is The Best Character?
Beyblade and You 2006-01-03
Okey, so u think that u know beyblade, lets check it out then. Your life, if turned into a beybla...
Favorite Rumiko Takahashi Series or Story 2005-12-31
A poll for fans of the works of Rumiko Takahashi.
All About Pokemon's Appearance 2005-12-29
Which of these groups of Pokemon look the best? Appearance only, regardless of their type/skills ...