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Anime / Manga


Cosplay and Roleplaying 2006-05-17
For all girls who enjoys costume play and roleplaying
Prettiest FFVII Girl 2006-05-15
Vote for the prettiest FFVII Girl!
anime fantasy battles vol.3 2006-05-15
this is about the same thing as vol.1 and vol.2
ultimate dragon ball/z/gt/movies/video games poll 2006-05-11
dragon ball/z/gt/movies/video games
Girls Bravo - Who Would You Rather Date? 2006-05-09
This Poll Is About Girls!Girls!Girls!....And Guys.Its Also Inspired The Hit Anime/Manga.But This ...
anime fantasy battles vol.2 2006-05-09
anime fantasy battles vol.2
Avatar: The Last Airbender Poll 2006-05-08
This is a poll about Avatar: The Last Airbender!
anime fantasy battles vol.1 2006-05-08
anime fantasy battles vol.1 is to see how many people think who would win in a fight that is on d...
anime best of the best (bad guys) 2006-05-04
this is a poll to see who you think is the best anime bad guy
animes best of the best (good guys) 2006-05-04
this is a poll to see who you think is the best anime warrior
which toonami show is the best 2006-04-26
this is a poll for people to decide which show in this category is the best
What is your favourite anime? 2006-04-17
A poll to see what peoples favourite anime is, I've tried to include as many of the popular ones ...
FMA and Inuyasha 2006-04-17
What do you think?
What's you Favorite Paring? (so I can draw it..) 2006-04-13
lol, anyways.. ya... i'm on my clubs account thing *which i run and crap so what! lol* anyways......
CLAMP Manga 2006-04-07
For readers of CLAMP Manga/Graphic Novels/Novels
pokemon poll 2006-04-04
Basicly just chose which ones that you would chose if they were real.
What do you think? 2006-04-03
Questions about many differents anime
Pokémon Recast 2006-03-31
It has been brought to the attention of the Pokémon fandom that the dubbing of the anime has ch...
Girls Bravo 2006-03-31
Tis Anime/Manga Is A Sex Comedy About Girls!Girls!Girls! Its Also Inspired Da Hit Anime.If U May ...
Rizelmine 2006-03-21
Death Note Poll 2006-03-21
No spoilers here, except for the identity of some characters.
Best Anime? 2006-03-20
Which anime do you think is the best?
Best Manga? 2006-03-20
What's your favorite?
Katsuhiro Otomo, Myazaki, and Oshii. 2006-03-20
What is your favorite anime film from each director?
Naruto Characters 2006-03-17
Who is your favorite Naruto character?