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Anime / Manga


Which Naruto Character Looks Best After The Timeskip? 2006-06-16
Vote for which character from Naruto do you think looks best after the 2 year timeskip.
General Dragon Ball Z Poll 2006-06-15
Just to find out general peoples views and opinion's on character's, saga's & more
You Said It 2006-06-14
This poll sees how well you know the dialogue of The Last Airbender. Tell me who said these quote...
Dbz best 2006-06-12
Here are some questions for the dbz fans!!!
How Well do You know Avatar? (season one) 2006-06-12
If you're a Last Airbender fan, test your knowledge of the first season here!
Are you in love with...(improved) 2006-06-12
Girls only, redone.
Who's Your Favorite Tenchi Muyo Girl? 2006-06-11
Tenchi Muyo features some of the coolest and prettiest girls/Juraians seen on any manga, now choo...
what are your favorite characters power levels 2006-06-11
this poll is about characters such as sonic,mario,superman,link,etc and you have to decide what t...
InuYasha 2006-06-11
What do u think about InuYasha?
GX Poll 2006-06-09
I hate how GX is sort of taking over now that they're done with YGO, but I cater to all anime fan...
Avatar Poll 2006-06-09
A random Avatar poll. I will have a lot of random anime polls.
YuGiOh Poll 2006-06-09
Another random anime poll from Mooney! THAT'S ME! HAHA!
All About Yu Yu Hakusho 2006-06-09
If you think you know all about Yu Yu Hakusho then try this poll.
anime poll 2006-06-07
anime poll
the best anime 2006-06-07
the best anime
best character in rurouni kenshin 2006-06-07
whos your favorite character
dbz vs inuyasha 2006-06-06
one of the best poll on kenshin 2006-06-05
well this i about kenshin and everyone elts
which anime movie is the best 2006-05-31
classic or current 2006-05-31
one piece,inuyasha,and naruto 2006-05-31
this poll is about one piece,inuyasha,and naruto
Favorite One Piece Charecter 2006-05-30
Pick your favorite One Piece Charecter
Naruto Pairings 2006-05-25
Naruto is a manga/anime that has an endless array of pairings to choose from. Go ahead and pick ...
favorite characters vol 1 2006-05-23
this poll is about your favorite characters from popular anime shows
anime fantasy battles vol.4 2006-05-17
this one is going to be the best yet!!!