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Anime / Manga


Bleach Zanpakutoh 2009-02-23 (closed)
BaSiCaLlY it's all about what characteristics u like about Zanpakutoh and what u would want.
Who is your Miss Naruto? 2009-02-23
who is your favorit naruto girl
what is your favorite anime 2009-02-21
To-LOVE-ru Ending: Which will it be? 2009-02-20
A complicated love triangle... and many mixed-up emotions... Only one ending will prevail...
Make your own ninja #2:Secretive of Secret missions 2009-02-13
Lady Tsunade is counting on you, Sakura,Sasuke,Naruto,and you, you are the most succesful group a...
Rosario+Vampire hottest girl 2009-02-13 (closed)
Rosario+Vampire hottest girl
Bleach Unlimited 2009-02-13
About Couple's, Character's, Zanpakuto's,& Division's.
Anime Characteristics (READ) 2009-02-04
When watching Anime do you think the characters look White or Asians? Ignore hair color and eye c...
Miss To-LOVE-ru 2009-02-04
To-LOVE-ru : the land of beauties... Which one of them is your No.1?
Naruto - Who are you most like? (girls) 2009-02-04
Naruto - Who are you most like? (girls)
Fill in your own Narruto Application(Create your own Naruto ninja) 2009-02-04
Have you always dreamed of being a Naruto ninja?or ever wanted to FEEL like you were in Naruto?We...
Sasuke Poll: Not Just For Fan Girls 2009-02-02 (closed)
This poll is about Sasuke, there seem to be a lot of mixed feelings about him so I wanted to see ...
most popular manga genre 2009-02-02 (closed)
there are different types of genre in manga, so i just want to see which one is most popular
Digimon Poll 231 2009-02-01
A poll about the Digimon anime. The 231 is to distinguish it from other polls about Digimon. Only...
TO-LOVE-RU Hottest/Cutest girl 2009-01-25
Who's your No.1 Hottest Girl in To-LOVE-ru?
What you look for in Yugioh DM GX 5D's fanart? 2009-01-17
Looking for what people look for in fanart.
What age manga? 2009-01-17
This poll asks the age if those who read manga(unflopped)?
ultimate pokemon poll 2009-01-17 (closed)
favorite pokemon starters and other random pokemon questions. this poll is pretty long, so be pat...
best anime 2009-01-17 (closed)
I looked this up at the top 100 anime list. (according to TV asahi) I chose the first twenty-one ...
Vampire Anime 2009-01-14 (closed)
Vampire Anime
Anime Characteristics (READ) 2009-01-13
When watching Anime do you think the characters look White or Asians? Ignore hair color and eye c...
Dragonball Z fights (round 3) 2009-01-05 (closed)
Dragonball Z fights (round 3)
DragonBall Z fights (round 2) 2009-01-05 (closed)
DragonBall Z fights (round 2)
Dragonball Z fights (round 1) 2009-01-05 (closed)
Dragonball Z fights (round 1)
DRAGONBALL Z 2008-12-31