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To-LOVE-ru Chapter Countdown Poll 2009-04-07
So many chapters of this crazy and spiced up adventure! But how many are they left?
HitsuHina-Hitsugaya and Hinamori 2009-04-03
If u dont like HitsuHina then go away but seriously come on HitsuMatsu or HitsuKarin are morons ...
Naruto vs Bleach 2009-04-02
Naruto vs Bleach
More Bleach 2009-04-02
More Bleach
Yaoi, Naruto Style!!!! 2009-04-01 (closed)
Vote on your favorite Naruto guy on guy couple or vote if you think gay anime stuff is gross.
naruto vs bleach 2009-04-01
naruto vs bleach
Favorite To-LOVE-ru Male Character 2009-03-28
The To-LOVE-ru ladies had their time... it's time for the To-LOVE-ru Boyz to have their shine!
Soul eater 1-51 releases 2009-03-28 (closed)
How do you want the [SEF] Soul eater 1-51 releases to come out?
Gantz Chapter 295 prediction 2009-03-25
Give feedback on what you think will happen. Have evidence that says whether your prediction came...
To-LOVE-ru Wanted Scenes 2009-03-25
Besides the main relationship stuff, there are so many things we'd like to see happen in To-LOVE-...
Goku vs Superman 2009-03-25
Goku vs Superman
who's the hotties Boy/Girl characters on Inuyasha? 2009-03-25 (closed)
Its who's the hotties Boy/Girl characters on Inuyasha
Should Naruto Kill Sasuke 2009-03-17 (closed)
Should Naruto Kill Sasuke
Naruto and ? 2009-03-17 (closed)
NaruSaku or NaruHina
Inuyasha 2009-03-17
Dragonball Z What-Ifs 2009-03-13
Asking your opinions on some what-if issues of Dragonball Z.
Who is best fit to be Naruto's Girlfriend ? 2009-03-08
Who is best fit to be Naruto's Girlfriend ?
Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan 2009-03-07
Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan
Bleach 2009-03-07
To-LOVE-ru: Cutest/Hottest Support Female Character 2009-03-07
There are just as many girls outside the Rito harem as there are inside it. Among them, who's the...
What is your favourite anime or manga? 2009-02-28
which is your favourite?
Too many anime panty shots 2009-02-27
I think there are too many panty shots in anime. Can't they draw girls without showing their und...
Who would win??? 2009-02-27
who do u think will win, in a battle to the death?
Bleach Couples 2009-02-27
Please vote for ur favorite bleach couples
Hoping for which Hayate no Gotoku ending? 2009-02-27
Hoping for which Hayate no Gotoku ending?