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Case Closed Character - MANGA!!! 2009-06-12 (closed)
Case Closed Character - MANGA!!!
What is my best manga? 2009-06-12
Like my anime collection, I have many mangas. Which do you like the best. Also vist the sister po...
What is my best anime? 2009-06-12
I have a lot of anime in my DVD collection. Which do think is best? Also vist the sister poll h...
Anime Couples 2009-06-12
In lots of anime and manga, the protagonist often has more than one option for who he'll end up w...
Ultimate What If Battles... 2009-06-09 (closed)
Who do you think would win in these what if battles...
My Bleach Poll 2009-06-09
What do you want to happen in the anime/manga Bleach
Hinata's Confession 2009-06-09
In the anime/manga Naruto, Hinata Hyuga has always loved Naruto, but has been too shy to tell him...
Code Geass Anime Poll 2009-06-09
Code Geass Anime Poll
Kenichi's Strongest Master 2009-06-08
In History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi, there are 5 manster of the Ryōzanpaku dojo who teach Ke...
Saddest Scene in Code Geass 2009-06-08
Saddest Scene in Code Geass
Favorite Bronze Saint 2009-06-08
Favorite Bronze Saint
To-LOVE-ru Black's Arc Poll 2009-06-06
It was an epic arc of suspense, drama and mystery. Do you think the same?
Will Kisame Die? 2009-06-06
Will Kisame Die?
What's Your Geass? 2009-06-05
In Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Lelouch has the power of the king, "Geass". It...
Favorit Harem Anime Girl 2009-06-05
Who is your favorit girl from a harem anime? The animes I've put in are Love Hina, Negima!, Ai Yo...
Your Own Anime Slave 2009-06-03
What would you do if you could take a girl from an anime and make her your slave?
Who Should Haruhi Fujioka End Up With? 2009-06-03
In Ouran High School Host Club Haruhi Fujioka works in a host club dressed as a boy. There are 6 ...
K-ON Character Survey 2009-06-03
Quick survey to see which character in the K-ON anime is favored by most.
To-LOVE-ru Black's Intentions Poll 2009-05-30
Black's intentions are still shrouded in mystery...
Naruto Girls 2009-05-28 (closed)
Naruto Girls
Air Gear Couples 2009-05-28
How young looking is Eve(Black Cat)\Yami(ToLoveru)? 2009-05-23 (closed)
How young looking is Eve(Black Cat)\Yami(ToLoveru)?
To-LOVE-ru Black's Target Poll 2009-05-23
Black's target is here, but who might it be?
Winx Club 2009-05-21
do you like it? why? what couples do you like? how often do you watch it? etc.
Code Geass Poll 2009-05-21
Code Geass Poll