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Who is the actually one? 2009-07-10 (closed)
In the latest arc story, "LIFE SAVERS", we found out that B.A.B.E.L. had predicted that...
Who Should Be Together? Hinata and Naruto, or Sakura and Naruto? 2009-07-10
Who Should Be Together? Hinata and Naruto, or Sakura and Naruto?
Naruto female characters 2009-07-07
Chose on of this girls :D My favourite is Kurenai
Clannad (anime), Clannad ~After Story~ (anime) 2009-07-03
Clannad (anime), Clannad ~After Story~ (anime)
Dragonball Z: Original Dub vs Redub 2009-07-03
A poll comparing the original dub of DBZ to the FUNimation redub
Non alein DBZ characters 2009-07-03
Everybody likes Goku and Trunks and Piccolo but there are plenty of non alien characters so which...
Harem anime 2009-07-02
Harem anime
Rosario + Vampire best girl 2009-07-02
Rosario + Vampire best girl
Naruto rumors 2009-07-02
There are many rumors about certain Naruto characters what are your opinion ?
Best naruto bad guy 2009-07-01
Who is the best baddy
superheroes defeated 2009-07-01 (closed)
Do you like to see superheroes defeated?
Favorite Gaint Robot 2009-07-01
A lot of animes have gaint robots in them.
The Law of Power 2009-07-01
In the anime & manga series The Law of Ueki, God had 100 God Candidates each give a super pow...
Which Naruto couples are stronger 2009-06-29
What if Naruto couples fought in 2-on-2 matches
What if naruto couples 2009-06-29
I have looked at a lot of couples poles. The couples that are rated highest are naruhina and naru...
Anime vs Dc and Marvel 2009-06-26
Anime vs Dc and Marvel
Which Naruto (male) character is the hottest? 2009-06-25
Which Naruto (male) character is the hottest?
2nd Miss To-LOVE-ru poll 2009-06-25
It has been a while since the last time, but it's back! The Miss To-LOVE-ru Poll! Alot of things ...
Ranma 1/2 Cursed Springs 2009-06-25
In Ranma 1/2 there is a training grownd in the Qinghai Province of China called Jusenkyo. It's fu...
Hokage Vote 2009-06-25
In Naruto, Lady Tsunade is in a coma and most of the village is destroyed. Danzo is now acting Ho...
Your Anime Harem 2009-06-25
What if you could make your own harem out of girls from animes and mangas. Who would you put in i...
The Best of Anime (Miscellaneous) 2009-06-24
Vote for your favorite anime in miscallaneous categories. I put in characters from animes and man...
Dragon Ball Z - Who would win in a fight? #2 ~*More Battles!*~ 2009-06-21 (closed)
Pick who would win in a DBZ death match!
Dragon Ball Z - Who would win in a fight? 2009-06-21 (closed)
A series of battles that I personally think would be close calls. Vote for who you think would wi...
To-LOVE-ru Rito's attitude towards Lala 2009-06-19
Rito's attitude towards Lala has evolved towards the course of this story, but does he needs to g...