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Anime / Manga


Last Man Standing 2009-10-08
Anime Insider had a department called Last Man Standing. In it two characters from different anim...
What type of Manga do you read 2009-10-08 (closed)
Do you read updated,underdated,all Manga as long as its good or a perticualar brand of manga that...
Naruto team fortress 2 2009-10-05
you have earned my permanant respect by being both a fan of naruto and Team fortress 2. i have he...
What Pokemon are you? 2009-10-02
Ever want to know what Pokemon you are? In this ULTIMATE test, you get to find out! I will be add...
pokemon or yu-gi-oh 2009-09-30 (closed)
which do you prefer? pokemon or yu-gi-oh
Anime 120020 2009-09-30
Anime 120020
Anime World 2009-09-30
Anime World
pokemon battles 2009-09-29 (closed)
pls vote
pokemon polls 2009-09-29
who will win
Dragonball Z Movies Poll 2009-09-27
A poll about the Dragonball Z movies.
Sailor Moon / R / S / Super S poll 2009-09-26
A poll about the Sailor Moon anime, and Sailor Moon R, Sailor Moon S, and Sailor Moon Super S. On...
Anime Characters 2 2009-09-26
Anime Characters 2
What would you wish were your pactio card and artifact? 2009-09-24
Make your own pactio based on these questions, may not be complete though.
Which 'Bleach' character are you!!!!!!!!!! 2009-09-23
This quiz will tell you which Bleach character....SO TAKE THE TEST!!!! Its easy!!!!
How did you find EE? 2009-09-15
Select how you came across Emergency Exit, NJ would like to know what her best sources for reader...
Kanon (2006) 2009-09-13
Just a poll about Kanon (2006).
which manga is more exciting 2009-09-07 (closed)
which manga is more exciting
ichigos choice 2009-09-06 (closed)
ichigos choice
what do you think of the to love ru ending 2009-09-05 (closed)
what do you think of the to love ru ending
To-Love-Ru 2009-09-02 (closed)
To-Love-Ru Love it or Hate it
so did To-Love-ru really END 2009-09-02 (closed)
I mean come on!! that can't cant be the ending!
What should my new original character be good at? 2009-09-02
I'm writing a new story and I need some ideas for what my chacter should be like.
Who will be luffys girlfriend 2009-08-31 (closed)
look i'm not sure who will end up being luffys girlfriend i think it might be boa handcock but im...
To-love-ru all in all who will rito yuki marry 2009-08-31 (closed)
To-love-ru all in all who will rito yuki marry
To-Love-ru Harem Poll 2009-08-31
I lot of people wanted a poligimy ending. If To-Love-ru gets a sequel, who would be in Rito Yuuki...