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Anime / Manga


The Best of Anime 3 (Miscellaneous) 2009-12-12
Vote for your favorite anime in miscallaneous categories. Also take <a href='http://www.mist...
The Best of Anime (Girls) 2009-12-12
Vote for your favorite girls from different categories. Also take <a href='http://www.misterp...
The Best of Anime (Boys) 2009-12-12
Vote for your favorite guys from different categories. Also take <a href='http://www.misterpo...
anime characters comparison 2009-12-12
a comparison of some anime characters
Heroes vs Villians 2009-12-12
Heroes vs Villians
One Piece Pirate Poll 2009-12-12
What if you were a pirate in the world of One Piece. What kind of pirate would you be? If your go...
Naruto Vs Dragonball Z 2009-12-11
who will win in an all out battle?
Miss Anime and Manga 2009!!! 2009-12-11
In different areas of abilities, who do you think will succeed in the end?
Extreme Extraordinary 2009-12-11
Even I just made this story but you guys knows the characters in it now. So I hope it won't be ha...
Naruto Poll 2009-12-11
If you where a ninja in Naruto, what would you be like. <img src="http://4smiley.com/smil...
Manga Vs Anime 2009-12-11
Some people prefer the manga version, others the anime. Which do you like better. You don't need ...
Code Geass episode 22 poll 2009-12-11 (closed)
Scenario: Lelouch makes up joes to Euphemia, and he said "kill all the Japanese. However...
Naruto WoW 2009-12-08
What if naruto character played world of warcraft? what race would they be? What class? well i'm ...
Favorite Type of anime 2009-12-08
I'm trying to find out what type of anime is most popular.
Ash and Misty 2009-12-04
This is a poll to see how many people want Misty to return to the show and how many people think ...
Best Cosplay 2009 2009-11-22 (closed)
Monterrey Best Cosplay Contest 2009
Name 2009-11-15
Some names a very popular. Who's your favorite characters to have which name.
The Best of Anime (Items) 2009-11-11
Vote for your favorite items from animes. <a href='http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/438978'>...
Next Hokage 2009-11-11 (closed)
Danzo may not be Hokage for much longer. Who shoud be next?
Hitman Reborn 2009-11-10
This is an awesome anime/manga that no one knows about but it is one of my favorites so i made a ...
To love-ru who would you choose 2009-11-10
If you were Rio yuuki, who would you choose to marry?
Queen of Code geass!!! 2009-11-10
Whos your fav code geass female character?
Which Anime is Better? 2009-10-14 (closed)
Which Anime is Better?
A Ten-Ten pole 2009-10-11
One of the lesser known Naruto and under appreciated characters so i thought i would make her a p...
Code Geass & Death Note 2009-10-11
Code Geass and Death Note have a lot in common. Which parts do you like better?