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Pets / Animals


cats vs dogs 2010-09-30
cats vs dogs
Snakes 2010-11-01
King Of The Dinosaurs 2010-11-30
Which Carnivorous Dinosaur is the Toughest
animals 2011-02-23
if you were to have an animal.. ?
Animal Show 2011 2011-08-17
I would like to know what people think about trained wild animal shows in zoos or aquariums.
b kind 2 Animals 2011-09-08
B kind to animals short poll
Taking care of your fish 2011-09-14
I just want to see how well people care for their fish!
What types of fish do you have? 2011-09-14
A little quiz but has a lot of freshwater fish in it!
Animal Abuse Poll 2011-12-13
Animal Abuse Poll
dog? 2012-01-02
Dogs or Cats? 2012-03-13
Which one better?
All About Dogs 2012-03-14
This is a poll suitable for dog lovers. It's about dogs and nothing else!
should boys be aloud to ride their dogs? 2012-04-10
i have a 9 year old cousin that likes too ride his dog nude should he be aloud too?
CUTE animals 2012-05-07
CUTE animals
Who should be the next MotM? 2012-06-06
Vote for the next Member of the Month.
horses 2012-07-13
what you like in a HORSE
Birds of North America checklist (part one) 2012-08-23
Check all the birds you have seen in your life. Even if you're not a birder, this poll is for you...
Puppy Names (Girl) 2012-11-17
I am picking out puppy names and I need help picking the best one.
North American Birds Checklist (Part 2) 2013-04-29
Check all the birds you have seen in your life. Even if you're not a birder, this poll is for you...
Disire to see a mythical creature 2013-05-06
We've seen many different kinds of mythical creatures in films and in stories, but if they were r...
Horses 2013-06-20
All about what you need to look after horses and ponies including how to recognise a good pony or...
Dog names 2013-10-11
I have a white / creamy colored miniature poodle, may name him Marley or Gili, but I'd like a Jap...
Frogs 2013-10-28
This is a poll about frogs. This is my first time on this site, so this is just a test.
Halsa Owls 2014 2014-03-03
It's march again and the owner of Halsa the Aromatherapy Shop has put her collection up for a vot...
Halsa Owl Vote 2015 2015-03-02
Halsa Owl Vote 2015