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Pets / Animals


Healthy Dog: Which products do you buy for your dogs? 2007-06-06
I wanted to see what other people feed their dogs
How do you train your cats? 2007-06-09
What methods do you support for the training/correction of felines?
New Law 2007-07-03
Some of us are going to be submitting a new bill (hopefully soon a law) and wondered how people w...
Is your pet a family member? 2007-08-08
Do you consider your pet a member of the family?
THE CHIMP QUIZ! 2007-08-08
hello!! im sandy! can you take my quiz pleaz?
what animal would you be? 2007-08-16
ever wish you could be an animal? i haven't but i thought it'd be fun to see what animal you coul...
animal fights 2007-09-02
who would win
Which is cuter? 2007-09-24
Which is cuter the Monkey&Bird or the Hippo&Tortoise ??
Halloween Animal Poll 2007-09-27
This is a poll to see which non-fictional beasts are most closely associated with Halloween.
Dogs vs cats 2007-10-23
this is a poll about animals
DOGGIES 2007-10-26
To my fellow dog lovers: I hope you will take a moment to take my survey. THANK YOU!!!!!!
Dogs 2007-10-29
Dogs are clearly the best animals...what do you like in your dog?
What do you think about Pit Bull Terriers? 2007-10-31
Provide your HONEST ANSWERS. Not just to be cruel, and do not judge what you do not know. Thanks!
Your Riding Preferences 2007-12-14
What type of riding or discipline do you do?
Cats Vs. Dogs 2007-12-15
Cats vs dogs (better pet)
Have you ever pet a real tiger 2007-12-20
Have you ever pet a real living tiger?
American Pit Bull Terrier 2008-02-26
I have two Pibbles, Dodge and Mischa. They are the sweetest and goofiest babies. When they were b...
Your Dream Horse 2008-03-05
Your Dream Horse
do you kill poor little creatures? 2008-04-10
do you kill poor little creatures?
How do you spend your dog days of summer? 2008-05-16
How do you spend your dog days of summer?
help stop every dog's nightmare 2008-05-22
picture your dog or a dog in a tiny cage having puppies EVERY heat cycle. this really does happen...
the ultimate torture 2008-06-04
Animal rights 2008-06-04
Opinion on animal rights
a VERY IMPORTANT poll 2008-06-27
this an extremely important poll about puppy mills. PLEASE TAKE IT!
Pets 2008-07-02
Are you more of a dog person or a cat person?