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Pets / Animals


Favorite predator 2005-09-20
Whats your favorite type of predatory animal
Environment 2005-11-14
This poll is about the environment. Plaese fill it in as i need it for hwk
Who would win in a fight to the Death 2005-11-18
If a Gorilla and an Eagle were to fight to the death, which species would win.
Bugs 2005-11-24
Which insect is most annoying?
pets 2005-11-26
what pet you love and hate
pets 2005-11-26
what pet you love
potty training 4 cats 2006-02-27
plz help me poll
Garden Birds 2006-03-08
Here are some questions about the wildlife in your garden
What do you think of Endangered Animals? 2006-03-22
I am doing a highschool project on Endangered Animals and I need to get other people's opinions o...
Pit Bulls 2006-03-24
I own two pit bulls and they're like my babies. Most people think negative when they hear about t...
DOGS VS CATS 2006-04-04
what is the best pet? 2006-04-06
hi!im doing a poll at school!i need your guy's help!i absolutly need at least 300 people to fill ...
Pick A Pet Name 2006-04-17
I am adopting a female greyhound. Help me choose a name.
Do you have a poodle or poodle mix? 2006-04-19
Do you have a poodle or poodle mix??
Deforestation 2006-05-01
this is for my sophomore project. =]]
What about wolves? 2006-05-15
Wolves are intresting too.
snakes 2006-05-17
this poll is all about snakes
This or That? 2006-08-05
Choose 1 animal over another.
Animal Care (2 dogs, one cat) 2006-08-11
I have been taking care of a neighbor's pets for 25 days, I was wondering how much you believe I ...
Pet 2006-08-18
This poll is about which pet do you have or want.
xxWHATS CUTEST?xx 2006-08-18
What animal iz ur fave? :]
dog fights 2006-08-24
who would win
Cats or Dogs 2006-08-27
Do you prefer cats or dogs for a pet
Killing Dogs 2006-08-29
China is killing dogs to stop rabies. They have already killed 50,000 dogs and will be killing 5 ...
more dog fights 2006-08-31
who will win these fights