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Pets / Animals


Should animals have the same rights as humans? 2006-06-21
most animals dont get a choice they are forced to do things that they probably dont even want to ...
spiders 2006-12-29
like spiders?
do you ride horses? 2008-01-21
how do you ride?
Dog survey 2008-01-31
What size dog do you prefer?
Pet owners' survey 2008-08-19
Pet owners' survey
How many pets do you have 2008-10-23
How many pets do you have
webkinz or neopets 2008-11-06
webkinz or neopets
Is Your Pet Spayed or Neutered? 2009-01-21
Is Your Pet Spayed or Neutered?
What Scares You The Most 2009-02-17
Which one of these creatures freaks you out the most.
Dog Or Cat Person? 2009-02-18
Are you a Dog or Cat Person?
What Would Your Ideal Pet Be? 2009-06-24
hmmmm, thinking of investing in an animal, what would you most like to have scurrying around in y...
Favorite Pet 2009-11-01
Which pet is most fun to have? Choose between these awesome pets.
Pets 2009-12-12
Just wondering what the most popular pet is
Animal Faceoffs 2010-08-21
the faceoffs of animals
The Ultimate Predator 2010-12-28
A Poll to see which animal today is the ultimate predator.
Smilodon Fatalis vs Inland Grizzly 2011-01-13
Smilodon Fatalis vs Inland Grizzly
Best real and mythological animals? 2011-02-10
Simple-best animal and best non-existent animal.
horses vs cows 2011-07-26
horses vs cows
wat do you do with your dog 2012-01-02
wat do you do with your dog
Do you like cats? 2012-02-01
Do you like cats?
Favorite Animals in Each of the categories 2012-05-10
Which are your favorites of the animals in these categories?
Animal War 2012-06-25
I give you two animals, and you tell me which one is your favorite.
Ultimate Animal Battle 2012-06-25
I give credit to the person who created the Animals vs. Animals poll. It was their idea. On this ...
Which pet items would you buy? 2014-10-20
If you came upon a pet accessory business at a craft show, which items would you be most interest...
Native Australian Animals as Pets: Right or Wrong 2001-09-18
Many Australian Animals are endangered and will possibly become extinct if they are not taken int...