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Pets / Animals


Could a human defeat a cougar in unarmed combat? 2008-09-23
Could a human defeat a cougar in unarmed combat?
Your favourite breed of dog among the popular Gundog breeds . . 2009-09-23
The poll is intended to investigate which is the most popular breed among the gundog breeds. It i...
Animal Cruelty. 2009-11-04
I just read about the "crush" videos where people (mainly women) would crush kittens wi...
Is it o.k. to kill an animal for no reason (discluding defense and proper huntin 2010-05-20
Is it ok to kill animals like snakes, bunnies, birds, deer, etc for no reason other than defense ...
Do you have pet? 2010-11-07
If you have a pet take this poll.
Crocodile vs Shark 2011-03-08
Two predators of the water.
Animal Cruelty 2012-04-11
Please take the time to answer the following questions carefully and truthfully. Thank you.
There's been alot of debate about whip use in racing. As an apprentice jockey it affect me direct...
Insect survey 2012-07-23
PLEASE take! I'm going to use these results in a speech that I might put on YouTube! About this p...
Which name is better for a rat? 2013-08-01
I am getting a two brown rats as pets in August, and I can't decide on a name for one of them. I ...
Dog names 2013-10-11
So i have a miniature poodle, he's like a white creamy color and he's very sweet, quiet, and lovi...
Can a female pretend to be my character who gets NAKED revenge on her friend? 2015-06-01
Jason and Sarah were both college freshmen and best friends, despite their HUGE differences. Jaso...
Girl beat up grown man..? 2017-01-04
How can a girl not have respect for grown man and just walk away, instead of beat him up?
What is the best Pet to own 2001-11-28
This poll is to try and settle an argument as to what is the best pet to own
Animal Abuse 2004-04-19
ok kids here is yet another poll, please take it. I need this badly for AP!!
Everyone working together, could make an amazing difference in animal addoption which will lead t...
Animal Abuse 2005-05-24
Hello! I am a student at Pioneer High School and I am doing my sophmore project on animal abuse. ...
What's Better? A dog or cat? 2005-06-05
We are gonna see what's more popular! A dog or cat!
New Kitten Name 2005-07-26
A black and white kitten is joining our family. We need to name her something. Creative, yet sa...
What Do Zoos Mean To You? 2005-08-08
Take this short poll to enlighten your views and see how others feel about the ongoing battle wit...
Cat owner survey 2005-11-28
If you have 2+ cats, take the poll for each cat!
Animal Abuse 2006-03-30
Animals all over have been neglected and beaten by their owners. Here is a few questions about wh...
Darling Pets 2006-05-25
This poll is about our pets and how we interact with them
Do you like reptiles? 2006-06-05
Do you like reptiles? Lizards,snakes,turtles,none or all?
Should animals have the same rights as humans? 2006-06-21
most animals dont get a choice they are forced to do things that they probably dont even want to ...