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Pets / Animals


Dog names 2013-10-11
So i have a miniature poodle, he's like a white creamy color and he's very sweet, quiet, and lovi...
Who is your favorite warrior cat? 2014-10-09
Who is your favorite warrior cat?
Girl beat up grown man..? 2017-01-04
How can a girl not have respect for grown man and just walk away, instead of beat him up?
Your Pets 2002-05-03
This poll is about your pets and how much you care for them.
Your Fave Pet 2005-12-05
What is your personal fave pet?" Rate it now!
Pets 2006-04-25
this pole is about pets
House Pets 2007-02-13
What pets do you have and how many?
Animal face-off #1 2007-04-19
Which animal(s) would win in a fight?
Cats or dogs? Which is your favorite and why? 2007-05-02
Hi everybody. Please answer my poll as honestly as you can. I have been through every cat vs. dog...
The Most Complete Dog Poll On Misterpoll 2007-05-02
Welcome to the dog poll on misterpoll with the MOST DOGS. If the dog you like is not on here leav...
Dog survey 2008-01-31
What size dog do you prefer?
Fun poll about penguins 2008-06-17
This is a poll about penguins! see if you know these questions!
Could a human defeat a cougar in unarmed combat? 2008-09-23
Could a human defeat a cougar in unarmed combat?
Your favourite breed of dog among the popular Gundog breeds . . 2009-09-23
The poll is intended to investigate which is the most popular breed among the gundog breeds. It i...
Do you have pet? 2010-11-07
If you have a pet take this poll.
Cat Lovers, would you go to Catopia? 2012-06-04
A poll to determine if a cat-related amusement park is valid as a business idea.
Animal War 2012-06-25
I give you two animals, and you tell me which one is your favorite.
Which name is better for a rat? 2013-08-01
I am getting a two brown rats as pets in August, and I can't decide on a name for one of them. I ...
Frogs 2013-10-28
This is a poll about frogs. This is my first time on this site, so this is just a test.
Can a female pretend to be my character who gets NAKED revenge on her friend? 2015-06-01
Jason and Sarah were both college freshmen and best friends, despite their HUGE differences. Jaso...
Native Australian Animals as Pets: Right or Wrong 2001-09-18
Many Australian Animals are endangered and will possibly become extinct if they are not taken int...
What is the best Pet to own 2001-11-28
This poll is to try and settle an argument as to what is the best pet to own
What is the best pet? 2002-11-22
Cat Dog Bird Fish Chipmunk
PETS 2004-02-23
One more pointless poll about you and your pets.
Animal Abuse 2004-04-19
ok kids here is yet another poll, please take it. I need this badly for AP!!