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Pets / Animals


Interspecies Conflict 2010-12-28
A Poll to see which animal you think would triumph in these awesome face-off's.
Which do you think is cuter? 2014-04-28
Which animal do you think is cuter when they're babies
Cat Owners 2005-12-28
This poll is for cat owners ONLY!
Animals Vs Animals 2005-07-21
Which animal would win in a battle?
Dogs 2010-06-20
A poll about dog farts, trust me I should know!
Equestrian Questions 2010-03-21
Just a few fun questions about riding horses.
Horse Poll 2010-05-27
Horse Poll
Pets and siblings 2002-04-09
A poll on pets and siblings
For all the horse-obsessives out there! 2007-03-12
A poll for all those who love horses, or maybe not but are just curious about what goes on in a h...
Should cats be allowed outside? 2014-07-07
This is a somewhat controversial topic. Some vets say cats shouldn't be allowed outside, while ot...
What are your views on domesticating foxes? 2014-11-17
Foxes are becoming increasingly close to humans, due to loss of habitat they seem to have no choi...
Your Pets 2007-04-28
Tell us about your pets.
Insect survey 2012-07-23
PLEASE take! I'm going to use these results in a speech that I might put on YouTube! About this p...
do you ride horses? 2008-01-21
how do you ride?
The Great Poo Debate 2008-08-21
The Great Poo Debate
Animal Cruelty. 2009-11-04
I just read about the "crush" videos where people (mainly women) would crush kittens wi...
Crocodile vs Shark 2011-03-08
Two predators of the water.
Animal Cruelty 2012-04-11
Please take the time to answer the following questions carefully and truthfully. Thank you.
There's been alot of debate about whip use in racing. As an apprentice jockey it affect me direct...
Littlest pet shop 2012 2014-03-31
Littlest pet shop 2012
Dog clothes 2014-11-04
Dog clothes
Whats Cuter, kittens or puppies? 2007-10-31
Cats n Dogs
Cats 2008-02-08
Is it o.k. to kill an animal for no reason (discluding defense and proper huntin 2010-05-20
Is it ok to kill animals like snakes, bunnies, birds, deer, etc for no reason other than defense ...
Animal Abuse Poll 2011-12-13
Animal Abuse Poll