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Pets / Animals


Which do you think is cuter? 2014-04-28
Which animal do you think is cuter when they're babies
Animals Vs Animals 2005-07-21
Which animal would win in a battle?
Cat Owners 2005-12-28
This poll is for cat owners ONLY!
Which Feivel™ Will You Buy? 2008-03-08
First watch the ad and read the blog at www.chabad.org/647876 . Then give us your input...
Dogs 2010-06-20
A poll about dog farts, trust me I should know!
Horse Poll 2010-05-27
Horse Poll
For all the horse-obsessives out there! 2007-03-12
A poll for all those who love horses, or maybe not but are just curious about what goes on in a h...
Equestrian Questions 2010-03-21
Just a few fun questions about riding horses.
What are your views on domesticating foxes? 2014-11-17
Foxes are becoming increasingly close to humans, due to loss of habitat they seem to have no choi...
Pets and siblings 2002-04-09
A poll on pets and siblings
Your Pets 2007-04-28
Tell us about your pets.
Should cats be allowed outside? 2014-07-07
This is a somewhat controversial topic. Some vets say cats shouldn't be allowed outside, while ot...
Crocodile vs Shark 2011-03-08
Two predators of the water.
Animal Cruelty 2012-04-11
Please take the time to answer the following questions carefully and truthfully. Thank you.
Insect survey 2012-07-23
PLEASE take! I'm going to use these results in a speech that I might put on YouTube! About this p...
Littlest pet shop 2012 2014-03-31
Littlest pet shop 2012
Dog clothes 2014-11-04
Dog clothes
Whats Cuter, kittens or puppies? 2007-10-31
Cats n Dogs
Cats 2008-02-08
Animal Cruelty. 2009-11-04
I just read about the "crush" videos where people (mainly women) would crush kittens wi...
Is it o.k. to kill an animal for no reason (discluding defense and proper huntin 2010-05-20
Is it ok to kill animals like snakes, bunnies, birds, deer, etc for no reason other than defense ...
Animal Abuse Poll 2011-12-13
Animal Abuse Poll
Who is your favorite warrior cat? 2014-10-09
Who is your favorite warrior cat?
Your Pets 2002-05-03
This poll is about your pets and how much you care for them.
Your Fave Pet 2005-12-05
What is your personal fave pet?" Rate it now!