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Pets / Animals


Smilodon Fatalis vs Inland Grizzly 2011-01-13
Smilodon Fatalis vs Inland Grizzly
Your favourite breed of dog among the popular Gundog breeds . . 2009-09-23
The poll is intended to investigate which is the most popular breed among the gundog breeds. It i...
Is animal cruelity o.k.! 2010-05-20
Is animal cruelity o.k.!
Animals 2005-09-26
A poll on animal opinions
Cats vs Dogs 2010-12-12 (closed)
Cats vs Dogs
What is the best pet? 2002-11-22
Cat Dog Bird Fish Chipmunk
What is your Favorite Dog Breed? 2006-11-19
Which do you like the best???
Your Dream Horse 2008-03-05
Your Dream Horse
Which Animal would win? 2011-08-18 (closed)
The final duel of life and death between all the animals!!!
Horse Riding 2012-04-16
Survey about horses and riding.
Ultimate Animal Battle 2012-06-25
I give credit to the person who created the Animals vs. Animals poll. It was their idea. On this ...
Insect survey 2012-07-23
PLEASE take! I'm going to use these results in a speech that I might put on YouTube! About this p...
Pets You Have 2006-10-24
Well, what pets do you have?
Animals 2006-11-20
A simple poll about animals
a VERY IMPORTANT poll 2008-06-27
this an extremely important poll about puppy mills. PLEASE TAKE IT!
Pitbulls these days are being bred for any different looks. From standards, to muscle bound large...
Pets 2009-12-12
Just wondering what the most popular pet is
Do you like cats? 2012-02-01
Do you like cats?
Arachnophobia: Why fear spiders? 2005-11-13
This poll is for a research project and I'm trying to find out what freaks people out about spiders
Darling Pets 2006-05-25
This poll is about our pets and how we interact with them
Your Pets 2006-12-10
I just would like to know what kind of pets everyone likes and has.
DOGGIES 2007-10-26
To my fellow dog lovers: I hope you will take a moment to take my survey. THANK YOU!!!!!!
Dogs 2007-12-06
This is my first poll... :D
Should Giant Pandas be extinct? 2008-10-06
Should Giant Pandas be extinct?
Benefits of Owning a Pet 2008-10-30 (closed)
I'm conducting a poll for a school project, asking if you believe that there is a benefit (s) to ...