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Pets / Animals


Your Pets 2007-04-28
Tell us about your pets.
Favorite Dog! 2008-07-08 (closed)
Favorite Dog!
Is it o.k. to kill an animal for no reason (discluding defense and proper huntin 2010-05-20
Is it ok to kill animals like snakes, bunnies, birds, deer, etc for no reason other than defense ...
Animal rights 2008-06-04
Opinion on animal rights
Which insect is the scariest? 2010-08-21 (closed)
Which insect is the scariest?
Animal Abuse Poll 2011-12-13
Animal Abuse Poll
All About Dogs 2012-03-14
This is a poll suitable for dog lovers. It's about dogs and nothing else!
What is the best Pet to own 2001-11-28
This poll is to try and settle an argument as to what is the best pet to own
Choosing a dog! 2007-12-09
Choosing a dog!
do you kill poor little creatures? 2008-04-10
do you kill poor little creatures?
Cutest rodant 2008-12-27
Cutest rodant
Native Australian Animals as Pets: Right or Wrong 2001-09-18
Many Australian Animals are endangered and will possibly become extinct if they are not taken int...
How evil are you? 2008-05-16
Take this poll an find out if people think what EViLLe means.
What should I name my kitten? 2009-06-01
What should I name my kitten?
Favorite Animals in Each of the categories 2012-05-10
Which are your favorites of the animals in these categories?
Pets 2015-02-09
Pug vs Boston Terrier 2006-12-15
Who is the cutest dog?
House Pets 2007-02-13
What pets do you have and how many?
Dogz 2008-01-05
Wats ur favorite type of dog?
Do you Think Animal Testing is Wrong? 2008-08-30 (closed)
Some people think animal testing is normal, some think its cruel. What Do you think?
The Complete Dog Poll! 2009-09-23
My first poll- what is your dog like? Visit my site at http://prov68.wordpress.com
What's your favourite pet animal? 2009-12-11 (closed)
What's your favourite pet animal?
Best real and mythological animals? 2011-02-10
Simple-best animal and best non-existent animal.
Do your dogs eat poop 2008-06-27 (closed)
I have a black standard poodle. One day when my sister was very young, she accedently pooped on t...
Do YOU Know what BSL? 2008-10-23 (closed)
BSL- Breed Specific Legislation: A Legal method of discrimination and stereotyping of a certain...