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Pets / Animals


The Great Poo Debate 2008-08-21
The Great Poo Debate
What Scares You The Most 2009-02-17
Which one of these creatures freaks you out the most.
Could a human defeat a cougar in unarmed combat? 2008-09-23
Could a human defeat a cougar in unarmed combat?
Favorite Pet 2009-11-01
Which pet is most fun to have? Choose between these awesome pets.
Survey for comments for waste collecting device - The Poop-Buster 2008-07-27 (closed)
Hello,<br> We would like to conduct a survey to find out more about the opinions of pet ow...
Pets 2011-08-06
a poll to show which pet you prefer
Puppy Names (Girl) 2012-11-17
I am picking out puppy names and I need help picking the best one.
Cat Owners 2005-12-28
This poll is for cat owners ONLY!
Animal Fights 2011-01-02
Animal Fights
animals 2011-02-23
if you were to have an animal.. ?
Britains Favorite Pet Poll! 2005-12-13
We are interested to know what britains most loved pet is!please take a moment to vote for your a...
Would you choose faux fur over real fur? 2008-11-21
Faux fur isnt real,
What is Your favorite animal? 2009-10-08
What is Your favorite animal?
cats vs dogs 2010-09-30
cats vs dogs
Disire to see a mythical creature 2013-05-06
We've seen many different kinds of mythical creatures in films and in stories, but if they were r...
Cats or Dogs? 2014-03-10
Which do you like better, cats or dogs?
Marine Animals in Captivity 2002-01-14
To find out how much does the overall population knows about marine animals in captivity, and how...
Animal Rights 2008-11-30 (closed)
What is your opinion on animal rights?
What is your favourite animal 2007-12-14
This is to find out all the best animals out there
Have you ever pet a real tiger 2007-12-20
Have you ever pet a real living tiger?
Benefit Pet Walk-a-Thon 2008-10-30 (closed)
Would you be willing to participate in a pet walk-a-thon (like a breast cancer walk), where you w...
what makes a better pet-- cat or dog? 2013-02-22
what makes a better pet-- cat or dog?
Cats vs. Dogs 2005-09-14
I want to know who likes cats or dogs more.
What is your favorite breed of dog? 2007-09-02
Ever wonder how many people agree with you?
Live Animal Exportation from Australia to Middle Eastern countries (Bias survey) 2011-09-14
This survey is in regards to whether Australia should ban live animal exportation to Middle Easte...