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Pets / Animals


what is your favourite dog? 2011-10-11
what is your favourite dog?
Bug crushing... how cruel can kids be? 2006-02-26
The fact of 'bug crushing' is not new... Lot of people don't approve it, but did you do it when y...
Cats vs. Dogs 2009-12-12
Cats vs. Dogs
What Would Your Ideal Pet Be? 2009-06-24
hmmmm, thinking of investing in an animal, what would you most like to have scurrying around in y...
Should animals have the same rights as humans? 2006-06-21
most animals dont get a choice they are forced to do things that they probably dont even want to ...
Animal face-off #1 2007-04-19
Which animal(s) would win in a fight?
For all the horse-obsessives out there! 2007-03-12
A poll for all those who love horses, or maybe not but are just curious about what goes on in a h...
Cats 2008-02-08
Pet owners' survey 2008-08-19
Pet owners' survey
Which Pet? 2010-09-11 (closed)
Which Pet do you choose to be most popular to bring out of the Shelter in mass numbers?
Do you have pet? 2010-11-07
If you have a pet take this poll.
Pets and siblings 2002-04-09
A poll on pets and siblings
Animal Endangerment/Animal Extinction 2006-03-02
This poll is for my sophomore project. It is asking various questions about what people think abo...
Dog survey 2008-01-31
What size dog do you prefer?
Pet Dragon 2010-03-05
Would you like a pet dragon? What would it be like? Also, here is a dragon <a href="http:...
Dog Or Cat Person? 2009-02-18
Are you a Dog or Cat Person?
Animal Cruelty. 2009-11-04
I just read about the "crush" videos where people (mainly women) would crush kittens wi...
Do you like how farmers feed the cows or do you not like it? 2009-03-02
Farmers are feeding cows grain instead of grass to make them grow faster. But that is making the ...
The Most Complete Dog Poll On Misterpoll 2007-05-02
Welcome to the dog poll on misterpoll with the MOST DOGS. If the dog you like is not on here leav...
What is the cutest baby animal? 2011-10-10 (closed)
What is the cutest baby animal?
What should I name my new girl bunny? 2012-07-12
I just got a girlfriend rabbit for my boy. His name is Sire Nivens McTwisp. I am trying to thin...
Cat owner survey 2005-11-28
If you have 2+ cats, take the poll for each cat!
DOGS VS CATS 2006-04-04
Whats Cuter, kittens or puppies? 2007-10-31
Cats n Dogs
dogs or cats? 2008-03-11 (closed)
which one?