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Pets / Animals


Animal Abuse 2006-03-30
Animals all over have been neglected and beaten by their owners. Here is a few questions about wh...
Favourite animals 2005-10-13
Some of you may not know all of these animals but I'm just curious to see your favourites.
Dogs vs cats 2007-10-23
this is a poll about animals
Favorite Big Cat ? 2011-10-13
Vote for your favorite wild big cat ~
Cats Vs. Dogs 2007-12-15
Cats vs dogs (better pet)
Dogs 2005-09-26
How do you feel about dogs?
Are you a cat or dog person? 2016-10-13
Are you a cat or dog person?
What pet do you have? 2011-04-29
Dog, cat fish...
What do I name my boy cat? 2012-02-03
help me decide what to name my new cat
Interspecies Conflict 2010-12-28
A Poll to see which animal you think would triumph in these awesome face-off's.
Cats vs. Dogs 2008-07-22
Cats vs. Dogs
King Of The Dinosaurs 2010-11-30
Which Carnivorous Dinosaur is the Toughest
What do you think about zoos? 2007-01-09
They are bad or good? Millions like the zoos, millions reject them... Why?
What breed of dog do you have? 2007-02-28
There are hundreds of breeds of dogs in the world, every breed with its own unique traits. Each b...
Favorite Lone Animal 2009-05-10
I am trying to figure out a good lone animal to use in a poem I am writing so am wanting to know ...
Favorite animals? 2010-06-16
what are you favorite animals
Wedgie Story 2012-02-13
A Wedgie Story to share!
Crocodile vs Shark 2011-03-08
Two predators of the water.
Spaying and castrating animals. 2005-01-07
If you haven't seen my other poll ("Would you want to be surgically neutered?"), I star...
ANimal FIghTs 2008-08-19
ANimal FIghTs
Pound Seizure 2008-12-21
Pound seizure is the sale or release of cats and dogs from a pound or shelter to a research, test...
Best of the Bears 2011-01-02
Which is your favourite bear species?
Fun poll about penguins 2008-06-17
This is a poll about penguins! see if you know these questions!
what animal would you be? 2007-08-16
ever wish you could be an animal? i haven't but i thought it'd be fun to see what animal you coul...
Is your pet a family member? 2007-08-08
Do you consider your pet a member of the family?