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Pets / Animals


Small Pet Holiday Boarding 2006-10-04
Hi. Thank you for visiting my poll. I am thinking to set up my own business looking after pets ...
New Dog's Name 2010-03-26 (closed)
So we got a new puppy yesterday and we are looking for a name. Our last two dogs have been names...
Bull fighting (people from spain only) 2010-04-29 (closed)
Thank you for your answers!
Toy Vacations 2010-08-28 (closed)
Would you send your stuffed best friends on vacation?
Horse, Llama, or Duck 2012-05-01 (closed)
Vote for One
Webkinz Poll 2012-08-21
I love love LOVE webkinz. Here's a poll ;-)
Which pet items would you buy? 2014-10-20
If you came upon a pet accessory business at a craft show, which items would you be most interest...
Petfinder 2006-04-19
pit bulls 2006-07-25
hey all you out there reading this tell me what do u think
Animal Care (2 dogs, one cat) 2006-08-11
I have been taking care of a neighbor's pets for 25 days, I was wondering how much you believe I ...
dogs 2006-08-24
the dog that likes the most fuss
name for my crayfish 2008-08-07 (closed)
i need a name for my crayfish
Animal Cruelty 2009-05-28 (closed)
To obtain the opinions and thoughts of the public regarding the issue of animal cruelty.
North American Birds Checklist (Part 2) 2013-04-29
Check all the birds you have seen in your life. Even if you're not a birder, this poll is for you...
New Kitten Name 2005-07-26
A black and white kitten is joining our family. We need to name her something. Creative, yet sa...
What's YOUR favorite color? 2006-07-28
This poll is for finding out what your favorite Great Dane color is!
MaKeUp!!!!! 2008-11-03 (closed)
I just wanna know what you like.
All about the Woodchuck!!! 2009-02-04
All about the Woodchuck!!!
Who's Foal Is Better? 2009-09-23 (closed)
Our lovely 2½ year old stallion, JKGS Awesome Desmond (better known as "Kasper") broke...
Animals 2009-09-29 (closed)
What's your favourite? What are you scared of? Least favourite?
German Shorthaired Pointers 2009-12-04 (closed)
German Shorthaired Pointers
Lake Erie Center art contest: subject SNAKES 2014-02-25 (closed)
I am trying to find out which image to draw next for an upcoming art contest! I did previous voti...
fighting dog 2006-08-24
teams of dgs
Who is cuter, Snowball or Sonar? 2008-09-23 (closed)
They are both cute, but who is the cuter Eskie?
Horse Colours 2012-03-13
Here are six different horse colours. Your task is to evaluate the different colours. -http://i4...