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Pets / Animals


Dog names 2013-10-11
So i have a miniature poodle, he's like a white creamy color and he's very sweet, quiet, and lovi...
Frogs 2013-10-28
This is a poll about frogs. This is my first time on this site, so this is just a test.
awHaT iS aNiMaL AbUSe??? 2004-04-19
For a sophomore project...thanks for helping out. questions are your opinion.
Animal Abuse 2006-03-07
Animal abuse is growing in America, and we all need to do something about it
Fear of Dogs 2006-04-04
Only people who fear dogs please, this is for a college research project.
Pick A Pet Name 2006-04-17
I am adopting a female greyhound. Help me choose a name.
Pets/Animals 2006-07-05
more dog fights 2006-08-31
who will win these fights
Is the Maltese right for you. 2007-01-10
If you get more yeses than nos the maltese is your dog!
You can't have a dog! 2009-10-08
You can't have a dog!
Which animal is cuter? Bunny or guinea pig? 2010-08-21 (closed)
Which animal is cuter? Bunny or guinea pig?
What types of fish do you have? 2011-09-14
A little quiz but has a lot of freshwater fish in it!
Littlest pet shop 2012 2014-03-31
Littlest pet shop 2012
Odd pets 2004-08-08
Here Kitty Kitty 2005-06-20
I need input on what to name my cat. Yes? Yes. Help me, please! lol, this is so gay...
What 2005-06-27
Random questions.
tiger 2005-08-09
awareness of people and tiger endangerment
potty training 4 cats 2006-02-27
plz help me poll
Goslings vs. Ducklings 2006-05-09
I want a gosling sooo bad!!! They're MUCH bigger than ducklings. Goslings also have smaller bea...
a dog fight 2006-09-06
who will win this fight
Mythical Moose 2009-02-04
I was told a neighbor of mine said people here make up the moose hoax just to scare people. What...
Taking care of your fish 2011-09-14
I just want to see how well people care for their fish!
Who is your favorite warrior cat? 2014-10-09
Who is your favorite warrior cat?
How do YOU take care of YOUR neopets? 2005-06-16
Neopets and how YOU take care of them!!!
Helping a pet shelter? 2005-06-20
I would like to know how much people would be interested in helping at their local pet shelter an...