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Pets / Animals


dogs 2008-03-11
the ultimate torture 2008-06-04
Animal Show 2011 2011-08-17
I would like to know what people think about trained wild animal shows in zoos or aquariums.
Dog clothes 2014-11-04
Dog clothes
Pets and you! 2001-12-22
well, this is kinda just for my honors math analysis class, but you can answer it anyways, i was ...
DO You Like Squirrels? 2005-09-20
yay for randomness!
The most common garden bird 2005-10-11
Let us know which is the most seen bird in your garden. You can also leave thoughts and messages ...
aminals 2005-11-09
do you love aminals???
Pets 2006-02-02
Do you have any pets?
Best wild dog 2006-03-30
Yeah x.x
Could you be a rat owner? 2007-03-12
Rats are one of the greatest pets around, and yet their bad rep inhibits their deserved popularit...
tropical fish 2007-03-29
ive kept tropical fish for 3 months now and would like to know everyones favourite
Healthy Dog: Which products do you buy for your dogs? 2007-06-06
I wanted to see what other people feed their dogs
Ostriches or Goats?! 2008-06-19 (closed)
Google GIrl thinks Goats are the best... well wat do you think!?
Names for Kittens 2008-10-29 (closed)
I have 5 newborn kittens. i need to know some girl and boy kitty names! Please dont pick your fav...
farm animals 2009-09-29 (closed)
this is a poll about different farm animals
Frozen Planet Uncovered 2012-01-19
This poll is to assess how many people watched Frozen Planet and what their favourite scenes were...
dogs 2005-05-09
I just want to see how much people really care for their dogs.
Dog Ban 2005-08-03
This is just out of curiosity
Do you have a poodle or poodle mix? 2006-04-19
Do you have a poodle or poodle mix??
Pets Alone 2006-06-27
This is a poll about how long people leave their pets alone at home.
Crunchy Cat Treats 2007-01-23
New treats for cats, crunchy not soft to help fight tartar and give them fresh breath.
Dream Dog come to me 2008-06-07 (closed)
Dream Dog come to me
What is your favorite animal? 2008-10-11 (closed)
Cat Dog Horse Reptial
Dogs with wrinkly/skin fold faces 2010-04-09
Wondering if people are having skin issues with their dogs - particularly with skin folds and wri...