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Pets / Animals


Animal Abuse 2005-05-24
Hello! I am a student at Pioneer High School and I am doing my sophmore project on animal abuse. ...
Pollution 2005-05-24
This poll is about what people may think of pollution. Pollution can be harmful in many ways to o...
polar bears or donkeys?*cough cough polar bears cough cough* 2006-02-02
This poll is about a disagreemant between three ppl... two ppl are on the same side... one is not...
Best RARE dog breed 2006-03-21
Im always interested in rare dog breeds. So I thought, may as well make a poll and see what other...
snakes 2006-05-17
this poll is all about snakes
Tigers 2006-10-24
What is your favorite kind of tiger? Do you even like tigers?
horses 2006-12-09
my poll is about the most liked horse
CATZ! 2007-01-20
Katty Lovers here is the poll 4 U!
Great dogs 2007-05-02
I like all of the dogs listed below. They are really neat and interesting. Unfortunately, I don't...
why 2007-06-04
hey try it out!!!!
Favorite type of animal class 2008-05-05
what is your favorite type of animal class
woofwoofmeow 2009-09-13 (closed)
How many people prefer dogs over cats as family pets.
Human and mammals 2010-08-04
Your fish tank 2011-09-14 (closed)
I just want to see how well people care for their fish.
dog? 2012-01-02
Halsa Owls 2013 2013-03-05
It's once again time for the Halsa the Aromatherapy Shop's owl vote. The owner has put her collec...
Dog Situations 2016-05-31
What would you do in these dog based situations?
"PET" Peeves 2005-09-19
It has long been proven FACT that pets offer love, companionship, comfort and a feeling of being ...
PETS!!!!!!!!!!! 2005-12-06
Hi, do you think animal testing is wrong? Convince me by taking this poll.
xxWHATS CUTEST?xx 2006-08-18
What animal iz ur fave? :]
your kind of dog 2007-01-20
decide what dogs you do and dont like
animals 2007-06-04
favorite animals
Perfect Petstore 2008-10-07
If you owned a Petstore what would you do?
Which animal is cuter? 2009-10-23 (closed)
Not sure which is the better looking animal between these two (please don't let your personal pre...