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Pets / Animals


dogs 2009-03-25
what is your favorite breed of dog
what is your favourite dog 2009-10-23
what is your favourite dog
Which name is better for a rat? 2013-08-01
I am getting a two brown rats as pets in August, and I can't decide on a name for one of them. I ...
what should i name my kitten 2017-09-12
Ruger Colt Remmy
Animal Testing 2005-09-09
Hi! plz help me and take dis poll
pets 2005-11-26
what pet you love
How do you spend your dog days of summer? 2008-05-16
How do you spend your dog days of summer?
puppy mills 2008-05-22
puppy mills are places where dogs are bred until they can not have puppies anymore. many of these...
Who would win in a fight - beaver or badger 2008-07-22 (closed)
Who would win in a fight - beaver or badger
Name My Kitty! 2009-01-18 (closed)
<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/sarahmilagoing/3183701975/" title="IMG_52...
The Definition of a Pet 2001-09-21
There has been much contraversy over what a pet is. Does a pet have to move and lick your hand, ...
Petiquitte - A Pet Fact Poll 2002-12-24
Welcome to random questions about your pets. They will be humorous, so be forewarned.
PETS 2004-02-23
One more pointless poll about you and your pets.
dogs 2006-02-18
Farm Animals 2006-02-27
So Many Pets 2007-04-25
This poll is to see how many pools you have
Designer dogs 2008-07-22
Designer dogs
Cutie Pets 2009-08-14 (closed)
Vote on cute pets.
which breed of cat is better? 2010-07-05 (closed)
pick - of - cats that are better
dogs on lead/ leash 2011-11-03
dogs on lead/ leash
Animal Rights: For or Against? 2001-12-31
The title is self-explanatory!
Animal Abuse 2005-04-24
This is a poll on Animal Abuse that I will use for my sophomore project at school.
Pollution 2005-05-24
This poll is about what people may think of pollution. Pollution can be harmful in many ways to o...
pets 2005-11-28
which pets do you like?
snakes 2006-05-17
this poll is all about snakes