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Pets / Animals


Favorite Animal 2006-03-25
Whats YOUR fav. animal?
dogs 2006-04-09
hello. i am kayla and i love all breeds of dogs and would like to know what your favorite breed o...
guard dog 2006-08-24
the best guard dog
Pets 2007-02-08
How many pets do you have? What kind? What's your favorite kind?
New Law 2007-07-03
Some of us are going to be submitting a new bill (hopefully soon a law) and wondered how people w...
What is more badass? 2011-02-26 (closed)
Between my girlfriend and I
dog v cat 2012-01-31
dogs versus cats
Animal Rights 2004-11-25
This is a poll to gain knowledge on why some people think animals don't deserve to live as much a...
Which is your favorite small pet? 2005-02-21
This is a poll about which small pet is the most popular.
Do you want to be a monkey? 2005-09-13
What's wrong with monkeys? We came from them, after all. So why wouldn't you want to be one?
Who would win in a fight to the Death 2005-11-18
If a Gorilla and an Eagle were to fight to the death, which species would win.
help 2007-06-04
why would you do this
cats 2008-04-09 (closed)
Why you keep Java Sparrows? 2010-03-16
Some people keep Java Sparrows (also known as Java Finches and Rice Birds) because breeding them ...
There's been alot of debate about whip use in racing. As an apprentice jockey it affect me direct...
Animal Abuse 2005-05-09
Questions about Animal Abuse
Animal Abuse 2005-05-21
This is a poll on animal abuse.
Cats or dogs? 2005-07-26
I want you to vote on cats or dogs!!!!!!!!!
Animal Abuse 2006-05-15
This is for my sophomore project
Are you possessed by rabits? 2006-09-17
Are you possessed by rabbits?
Your pets 2006-10-11
Q's about your pets.
Cats Vs Dogs 2006-12-21
I am a dog.
spiders 2006-12-29
like spiders?
dogs 2009-03-25
what is your favorite breed of dog
what is your favourite dog 2009-10-23
what is your favourite dog