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Pets / Animals


Favorite Animal 2006-03-25
Whats YOUR fav. animal?
dogs 2006-04-09
hello. i am kayla and i love all breeds of dogs and would like to know what your favorite breed o...
guard dog 2006-08-24
the best guard dog
Pets 2007-02-08
How many pets do you have? What kind? What's your favorite kind?
New Law 2007-07-03
Some of us are going to be submitting a new bill (hopefully soon a law) and wondered how people w...
What is more badass? 2011-02-26 (closed)
Between my girlfriend and I
dog v cat 2012-01-31
dogs versus cats
There's been alot of debate about whip use in racing. As an apprentice jockey it affect me direct...
Animal Rights 2004-11-25
This is a poll to gain knowledge on why some people think animals don't deserve to live as much a...
Which is your favorite small pet? 2005-02-21
This is a poll about which small pet is the most popular.
Do you want to be a monkey? 2005-09-13
What's wrong with monkeys? We came from them, after all. So why wouldn't you want to be one?
Who would win in a fight to the Death 2005-11-18
If a Gorilla and an Eagle were to fight to the death, which species would win.
help 2007-06-04
why would you do this
cats 2008-04-09 (closed)
Why you keep Java Sparrows? 2010-03-16
Some people keep Java Sparrows (also known as Java Finches and Rice Birds) because breeding them ...
Animal Abuse 2005-05-09
Questions about Animal Abuse
Animal Abuse 2005-05-21
This is a poll on animal abuse.
Cats or dogs? 2005-07-26
I want you to vote on cats or dogs!!!!!!!!!
Animal Abuse 2006-05-15
This is for my sophomore project
Are you possessed by rabits? 2006-09-17
Are you possessed by rabbits?
Your pets 2006-10-11
Q's about your pets.
Cats Vs Dogs 2006-12-21
I am a dog.
spiders 2006-12-29
like spiders?
Horses 2007-02-21
If you love horses come here and vote about them.
dogs 2009-03-25
what is your favorite breed of dog