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Pets / Animals


animals 2007-06-04
which is your favorite
Your Riding Preferences 2007-12-14
What type of riding or discipline do you do?
The alternatitives of Live Animal Exportation (Neutral survey) 2011-09-14
This survey is in regards to the alternatitives as to whether Australia should ban live animal ex...
your pet supplies? 2012-05-14
We are looking for information regarding your pet and livestock needs. We would like to create a ...
Bugs 2005-11-24
Which insect is most annoying?
Your Fave Pet 2005-12-05
What is your personal fave pet?" Rate it now!
animals 2007-09-10
what is YOUR fav animal?
Which is cuter? 2007-09-24
Which is cuter the Monkey&Bird or the Hippo&Tortoise ??
Dogs 2007-10-29
Dogs are clearly the best animals...what do you like in your dog?
Unicorns 2011-05-26
There is some disagreement amongst us as to what unicorns do and do not excrete. Please answer th...
Reasons to buy a duck 2011-07-09
What are the primary reasons to buy a ducks
horses vs cows 2011-07-26
horses vs cows
wat do you do with your dog 2012-01-02
wat do you do with your dog
Pets 2004-01-07
About pets
Pups or Babies - Which is cuter 2005-05-20
Baby pups or babies , which one do you think is cuter?
What Do Zoos Mean To You? 2005-08-08
Take this short poll to enlighten your views and see how others feel about the ongoing battle wit...
Pit Bulls 2006-03-24
I own two pit bulls and they're like my babies. Most people think negative when they hear about t...
Favourite Animal 2006-03-27
This poll is designed to find out what the publics fav animal is. So get voting for your fav now!
what is the best pet? 2006-04-06
hi!im doing a poll at school!i need your guy's help!i absolutly need at least 300 people to fill ...
Favorite pet? 2009-05-21 (closed)
What is your favorite pet that you have or liked to have?
Do you consider humans as animals? 2010-06-01 (closed)
Do you consider humans as animals?
Pets 2010-09-14
Hi. Please answer all of the following questions honestly so that I get some proper results. The ...
Your Pets 2002-05-03
This poll is about your pets and how much you care for them.
Environment 2005-11-14
This poll is about the environment. Plaese fill it in as i need it for hwk
how many pets do you have 2006-04-21
its about how many pets you have