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Pets / Animals


Live Animal Exportation from Australia to Middle Eastern countries (Bias survey) 2011-09-14
This survey is in regards to whether Australia should ban live animal exportation to Middle Easte...
Your fish tank 2011-09-14 (closed)
I just want to see how well people care for their fish.
What types of fish do you have? 2011-09-14
A little quiz but has a lot of freshwater fish in it!
Taking care of your fish 2011-09-14
I just want to see how well people care for their fish!
b kind 2 Animals 2011-09-08
B kind to animals short poll
Which Animal would win? 2011-08-18 (closed)
The final duel of life and death between all the animals!!!
Animal Show 2011 2011-08-17
I would like to know what people think about trained wild animal shows in zoos or aquariums.
Pets 2011-08-06
a poll to show which pet you prefer
horses vs cows 2011-07-26
horses vs cows
Reasons to buy a duck 2011-07-09
What are the primary reasons to buy a ducks
what fish do you keep 2011-07-09
tell us what fish you keep and have kept
Unicorns 2011-05-26
There is some disagreement amongst us as to what unicorns do and do not excrete. Please answer th...
Animal polls 2011-05-02 (closed)
Animal polls
What pet do you have? 2011-04-29
Dog, cat fish...
Animal Abuse 2011-04-20
Animal Transportation / Walking 2011-03-22
I'm thinking of starting a business where I would drive to anyone's house, walk the dog, and feed...
Racehorses! 2011-03-20 (closed)
Crocodile vs Shark 2011-03-08
Two predators of the water.
What is more badass? 2011-02-26 (closed)
Between my girlfriend and I
animals 2011-02-23
if you were to have an animal.. ?
Halsa Owl Collection 2011-02-20 (closed)
Marja has collected owls for year and has put them in the window of <a href='http://www.halsar...
Best real and mythological animals? 2011-02-10
Simple-best animal and best non-existent animal.
Smilodon Fatalis vs Inland Grizzly 2011-01-13
Smilodon Fatalis vs Inland Grizzly
Angelica's Poll 2011-01-10 (closed)
Angelica's Poll
Best of the Bears 2011-01-02
Which is your favourite bear species?