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Pets / Animals


If you were a dog.... 2005-04-24
How would you act if you were Fido?
Everyone working together, could make an amazing difference in animal addoption which will lead t...
Which is your favorite small pet? 2005-02-21
This is a poll about which small pet is the most popular.
Spaying and castrating animals. 2005-01-07
If you haven't seen my other poll ("Would you want to be surgically neutered?"), I star...
Animal Rights 2004-11-25
This is a poll to gain knowledge on why some people think animals don't deserve to live as much a...
Scary Animals 2004-11-21
I am trying out a new thing, so please take this. Its a dumb topic, i know.
Favourite Animal 2004-10-23
<center>This is a pretty basic poll, and not very interesting either. But here you can vote...
Odd pets 2004-08-08
Endangered animals 2004-04-30
this poll is of course about endangered animals. If you could please just take a moment of you ti...
Animal Abuse 2004-04-19
ok kids here is yet another poll, please take it. I need this badly for AP!!
awHaT iS aNiMaL AbUSe??? 2004-04-19
For a sophomore project...thanks for helping out. questions are your opinion.
Animal testing 2004-03-23
This is a poll for anyone. I want to get others opinions on animal testing and other practices.
Pets 2004-03-08
Which is better cats or dogs?
PETS 2004-02-23
One more pointless poll about you and your pets.
Pets 2004-01-07
About pets
Animal Loverz 2003-05-14
Petiquitte - A Pet Fact Poll 2002-12-24
Welcome to random questions about your pets. They will be humorous, so be forewarned.
What do you think is the best food for your pet? 2002-12-03
Hello! I would like your opinion here; what do you look for when you buy food for your favorite pet?
What is the best pet? 2002-11-22
Cat Dog Bird Fish Chipmunk
What is your dream-like Pet Store? 2002-11-06
Like you, I love pets! Pet stores could use some help in finding out what WE want and desire best...
Your Pets 2002-05-03
This poll is about your pets and how much you care for them.
Pets and siblings 2002-04-09
A poll on pets and siblings
Marine Animals in Captivity 2002-01-14
To find out how much does the overall population knows about marine animals in captivity, and how...
Animal Rights: For or Against? 2001-12-31
The title is self-explanatory!
Pets and you! 2001-12-22
well, this is kinda just for my honors math analysis class, but you can answer it anyways, i was ...