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Pets / Animals


Cat Owners 2005-12-28
This poll is for cat owners ONLY!
Britains Favorite Pet Poll! 2005-12-13
We are interested to know what britains most loved pet is!please take a moment to vote for your a...
PETS!!!!!!!!!!! 2005-12-06
Your Fave Pet 2005-12-05
What is your personal fave pet?" Rate it now!
Cat owner survey 2005-11-28
If you have 2+ cats, take the poll for each cat!
pets 2005-11-28
which pets do you like?
pets 2005-11-26
what pet you love
pets 2005-11-26
what pet you love and hate
Bugs 2005-11-24
Which insect is most annoying?
Who would win in a fight to the Death 2005-11-18
If a Gorilla and an Eagle were to fight to the death, which species would win.
Environment 2005-11-14
This poll is about the environment. Plaese fill it in as i need it for hwk
Arachnophobia: Why fear spiders? 2005-11-13
This poll is for a research project and I'm trying to find out what freaks people out about spiders
aminals 2005-11-09
do you love aminals???
Favourite animals 2005-10-13
Some of you may not know all of these animals but I'm just curious to see your favourites.
The most common garden bird 2005-10-11
Let us know which is the most seen bird in your garden. You can also leave thoughts and messages ...
Dogs 2005-09-26
How do you feel about dogs?
Animals 2005-09-26
A poll on animal opinions
Favorite predator 2005-09-20
Whats your favorite type of predatory animal
DO You Like Squirrels? 2005-09-20
yay for randomness!
"PET" Peeves 2005-09-19
It has long been proven FACT that pets offer love, companionship, comfort and a feeling of being ...
Cats vs. Dogs 2005-09-14
I want to know who likes cats or dogs more.
Dog-Wash 2005-09-13
please answer the questions. If you dont own a dog, pretend you do.
Are you a cat or dog person? 2005-09-13
Which are better: cats or dogs? Do you enjoy the energy and work it requires to take care of a do...
Do you want to be a monkey? 2005-09-13
What's wrong with monkeys? We came from them, after all. So why wouldn't you want to be one?
Animal Testing 2005-09-09
Hi! plz help me and take dis poll