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Posted in teen's views on corporal punishment in schools on 2004-07-15 23:43:32

I would have beaten the hell out of this retarded coach. I would not let an old retard bastard like him scare me. I would have broken all of his teeth and given him two black eyes, and then I would have called the police to report child abuse and sexual abuse(reference to "I got it bare") and would not get in trouble for hitting the coach because it was in self defense. The coach would end up in jail, where he should stay for a very long time.

========== In Reply To ========== For the guys who say they would refuse to take a paddling-- I must tell you are wrong. I did refuse. It was not the way to go, believe me! I got it before all the others and I got it bare and harder than the other three. No, a high school kid does not refuse a paddling. Take it from one who " refused"- and a few minutes later was bent over taking the worst paddling of my life and pleading and saying I was sorry over and over. (so did the others,) And I outweighed the coach and was taller by three inches. Legitiamte authority is tough to buck when you are 16 and he is 40! God, the whole school knew about my refusal in the same afternoon!

Posted in Corporal Punishment in Schools on 2004-07-15 22:52:19

I would raise hell if I had a kid that got corporal puishment in school. I would first go over to the school and beat the living s**t out of the the person who hit my kid, and then I would never allow my kid to go to that school again.