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Posted in 2013 Pool Peeing Survey on 2014-01-27 02:13:47

Unfortunately, society provides fewer options for women than men. Really, the only option for women is to get out of the pool and go to a toilet, (if there is one) and to do so moms must leave their kids unattended. As for men, they're rarely looking after children and society has long accepted them peeing along a fence or stepping into the dressing area and relieving themselves, so there's really no reason for them to use the pool. While I always use the pool myself, my sons aren't usually shy about peeing along a fence, but at times they do as my husband and run into the dressing area for privacy.

Posted in what whould you do? on 2013-07-26 06:06:29

For years I was one of those who found it disgusting for people to pee outside or in showers and such. I knew growing up that my brothers did so and eventually my boy friends and husband, ect. We'd gone to some nudist beaches, but still I thought it rather crude to pee publicly. When I took my little boy to swimming class, all the moms were in the boys room helping their little boys change. I noticed a couple of the little guys peeing in the showers or in a corner, but no one seemed to notice. A moment later their lady coach walked through and began to chat with the moms. After noticing one of the boys peeing in a corner she announced, "unless you're squeamish about it, you can let the boys pee here, the older boys all do so anyway."

Over the next few days all the moms allowed their sons to do so and once I had become accustomed to them, it didn't seam as disgusting to me as I once thought. In later months when dressing in the ladies room I often considered how much easier it would be to just go. Eventually I worked up the guts to do so, first very discreetly and gradually less so. A few other women have noticed me and most take the, "why not, the guys do"opinion. I confess, it gives me a little bit of a naughty thrill to do so, but it's so much quicker and easier than running to the toilet.

It's been more than a year since I began peeing in other places and I confess that I now prefer doing so. I now agree with "nudeyoungcutie" in that I no longer care where I go pee pee. I do it in locker rooms, on the beach and recently I've begun to pee while laying out on the lounge chairs poolside. Men have been doing this for years, it's not a big deal!

Posted in Guys, how far, how high can you piss? on 2013-01-05 01:06:42

A few weeks ago I went into the boys locker room to help my little boy and nephew change for swimming. There isn't normally any older boys there at that time, but apparently the older boys practice ran late and as I was dressing the boys I heard some older boys come in from the pool to the showers. I finished dressing the boys quickly to get out of there before the boys came in to change clothes. I sent my boys off through the showers to the pool and as I walked back to the exit I looked back at them one last time. I was startled, but yet amazed by what I saw. Three teenage guys, facing the other way, (thank God) taking part in a rather obvious "peeing contest". I guess it didn't really surprise me that they were peeing there, but I was surprised that they were doing it so obviously and I am still completely amazed by how high and far they peed! I only looked over for a moment, before slipping out unnoticed, but all of them had a stronger stream than I ever imagined possible, not striking the floor for some 10 to 15 feet in front of them and at least one of the boys was actually hitting the ceiling! While the thought of it is quite discusting, I must admit that I was amazed by what I saw!

Posted in Mothers on 2012-03-26 02:39:20

While many boys seem to be concerned about being seen by their mothers, for moms it's really not any big deal. As your mom we've seen you naked for years, although maybe not in the last few years. Boys seem to believe that their mothers would be embarrased by the site of their adult $%!@, however they fail to realize that most boys look quite similar to their fathers in many ways, $%!@ included. I'm not certain I could even tell our boys from their father based on just their $%!@es and boys can't seem to imagine that their mother frequently handles their fathers $%!@ in a very up close and personal way. Why would casually seeing their sons nearly identical $%!@ be of any concern whatsoever!

Posted in Moms having sex with sons friends on 2010-08-28 06:58:07

Yeah sure, it didn't begin that way, when they were like 8 or 10 I became aware that they were peeing discreetly in the yard or in the locker rooms and such when they thought I wasn't aware. I knew they were becoming less discriminitory about where they did it, but they were still concerned about what I might think about it. Eventuallly, I became irritated with having to stop what we were doing on occations because one needed to pee. At one point I said, "when I'm not around you boys will pee anywhere, so why do you need a restroom when I'm around. At that point they began to step behind bushes and such around me, but being we were never that concerned about privacy in the house they didn't much care about my seeing them, only what I might think of where they were going. They never heard an objection from me but rather on occation when one would comment something like, "excuse me, I'm gotta pee" and begin walking over to the showers or a corner I'd comment to him, "don't mind me, just go." They've become quite comfortable with just whipping them out in front of men and peeing where they like, as they understand I'm not concerned about where they do it and I'm sure they also understand that I rather enjoy watching them brazenly peeing in public. Yes, they're often hard and I'm not sure I'd try to stop one of them from $%!@ing me, but they don't seem to have that interest.