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Posted in Balls, Nuts, or Testicles! on 2004-04-27 17:06:55

we provide evidence based on direct observation of behavior in encounters of opposite-sexed strangers, that women initiate and "control" the outcome. In the first minute of these videotaped 10 min. interactions, neither female "solicitation" behavior nor "negative" behavior is strongly related to professed interest in the man, while female "affirmative" behavior at this stage modulates male verbal output in later stages (4-10 min). Although the rate of female courtship-like behavior is significantly higher in the first minute, it is only in the fourth to tenth minute that the rate of female courtship-like behavior is correlated with professed female interest. We hypothesize that this serves as a strategic dynamic reflecting sexual asymmetry in parental investment and the potential cost of male deception to women. Ambiguous protean behavioral strategies veil individuals' intentions and make their future actions unpredictable. These behavioral strategies may result in men's overestimation of female sexual interest.

In other words we have you guys by the BALLS!!!!!!

Boys Boys stop beating off and submit.

Posted in Balls, Nuts, or Testicles! on 2003-09-20 04:32:11

========== In Reply To ========== Peter Thompson you rule mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! About time another man came here to talk some sense. Little boy how old are you? We all understand that in a street fight a guy will win 98% of the time BUT, In a relationship the woman has the control. A man will not kick the female vulva because it is his “ultimate goal”. In a relationship SHE has him by the balls! He will stand down to stay in her good graces or in other words get some pxxxy. I can tell you are not of age or have never gotten lucky. Submit, it will be the best orgasm you have ever had. It is better than Rosie palm and her 5 friends.

Bitch in Control (of the relationship)

We all know that a blow to the vulva is just as painful as a blow to the testicles, & while the pain may not be identical, it will still be strong enough to cause severe distress & nausea.

Any female who denies that a blow to the vulva hurts is just stupid.

All males know that since the testicles are hanging that they can be hit easier than the vulva can & this gives females a slight advantage, but smart males who have studied biology know that a blow to the vulva is just as painful as a blow to the testicles.

Posted in Balls, Nuts, or Testicles! on 2003-06-06 00:03:04

========== In Reply To ========== Thank You for the tip! The Hubby was in a world of hurt. All he could mutter "yes yes you rule!" Not to worry I was good to him. I let him eat at the Y. Happy yanking!!! Hello again to "TheWife"!!

I'm typing for my wife Bridget. In fact, she has my balls in her hand as I'm typing this. Ooooooo, that was a hard squeeze -- she was just teasing!!

She loved your newest tip, and already used it on me. Oh that's scary, not to mention PAINFUL!! I'm just glad I can trust her so much. We both just love your tips and suggestions!! Ooooooo, there goes another squeeze!! She wants me to tell you "It IS really GOOD to be the Queen!!!"

I've known Bridget for 5 years now, and I've never seen her this happy and content!! Man, what FEMALE POWER will do for a woman.

She also has a tip (although you might already be aware of it): If you put you index finger and big finger on either side of the balls, and your thumb in front, and then squeeze while rolling the balls with your fingers & thumb, it shoots much more intense pain up a guys balls and abdomen than just squeezing alone.

Well thanks again!! Ooooooooo, she just rolled my balls!! She wants me to tell you "Women DO rule the relationship". Oooooooo, she rolled my balls again and said "I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!".


Posted in Balls, Nuts, or Testicles! on 2003-05-31 21:28:57

========== In Reply To ========== My wife and I put your “new angle” advice to very good use this week!! WOW!!!!!! It was UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!

The “to do list” really does help me focus more at work. But now for the “TO DO LIST”: I bought her some “Michael Stars” T shirts, and she put one on (nice touch!!). Then she started the sexy teasing. Before long she handed me a notepad and pencil, and gave me the order to lie face down on the floor, balls in the air. Following your instructions to the letter, she grabbed my balls from behind, and gave them a firm yank and twist!! I must agree with your husband, that is a genuinely fearful moment: the teasing pain, the completely helpless feeling!! I didn’t question a single thing she said at this point!! All I kept saying was “OK, honey… OK, honey… “ And my wife must agree with you, that IS Female Power to the n th degree!!!

She gave me several household chores she wanted done. Then she took advantage of your wonderful suggestions for pampering. She had me give her a great massage from head to toe. Then it was off to the bathtub. I gave her a long, relaxing bubble bath – making sure I cleaned every part of her body!! I also gave her the longest hair wash she ever had – with a really nice, gentle scalp massage. I made her favorite meal, while she relaxed some more. Then I did her laundry – she had to give me a few tips to make sure I didn’t accidentally damage any of her clothes – but now I’m doing all the laundry on my own!! She can’t believe I’m doing it all!! She sits with me while I’m doing the laundry, and works on something she likes or reads a magazine, and talks to me while I “slave” away at the laundry. In between, I wait on her with drinks, snacks, and anything else that suits her whims.

Then came the reward in the bedroom!! I was MORE THAN READY!! She set the tone right away – she rolled me over so that she was on the top, grabbed my balls and she said to me “Tonight I’m on the top, buster!! Just so there’s no question who’s in control!!” She gently played with my balls with her fingers and lips, and gave me a great blow job. Then she said “From now on, we’re gonna do something different – female (pus-y) blow jobs”. I had never thought to do that before, but I did it!! That’s right, I used my mouth and tongue on her slit. She couldn’t believe how fantastic that felt!! She said we’re adding that to our regular “TO DO LIST”. I loved watching her love it while I did that. (I know some people don’t like to think of doing blow jobs on women, but after all, she’s my sweet baby girl, and she keeps herself very clean and healthy, so it was really FABULOUS!!! Besides if guys can enjoy blow jobs, then WHY SHOULDN”T the girls get to also??!! And guess what? – she was even on her period, but so what!! You can easily work around any discharges, ...and besides, to me, she’s the sweetest girl in the world.) I also found myself kissing the queen’s butt several times!!! I just couldn't resist - we were both caught up in ecstasy!!!!

Then when she finally banged me, she orgasmed six times!!! In fact, I went soft before I could “come” myself. She unsympathetically said “Aw, too bad, dear. It was such fun for me though!!” She is learning about female ruled relationships really fast. She declared that from now on, two nights a week will be “ladies’ nights”. On these two special nights each week, the in-bed time will be ENTIRELY devoted to her satisfaction and pleasure. I will not be allowed to “come” or be satisfied at all on those nights!! I will just play with her and give her pus-y blow jobs. She said that’s guaranteed to keep my appreciation of her very high.

WOW!! She held the vast majority of the control in our relationship before. But now she has FULL control!! My woman now completely rules the relationship – she says it feels super great!! and I absolutely LOVE and ADORE her for it!!!

To “TheWife” we both say: “Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! (...and my wife, Bridget, says that goes DOUBLE for her!!!)

Glad you both liked it! Bridget it is GOOD to be the Queen!!!!!! A tip to keep him in line: When he acts up, grab his nuts one in each hand then squezee one very hard! Tell him you will pop it and still have the other to control him with. I know we would not do it but watch him submit!!! Yes Women rule the relationship!!

Posted in Balls, Nuts, or Testicles! on 2003-05-03 22:37:30

Man Berries

I heard this one the other night while watching TV. LOL!!!!!!!