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Posted in School Uniform on 2003-07-24 02:11:43

Thanks for your comments... As I said, I hope all works out ok for you in this regard... I find it curious, though, that if the purpose of this is to humiliate you, why has your father picked such frumpy girls' clothes? While the attire you described would make you look & feel foolish, I can't see it being truly mortifying. A pleated mini-skirt with white knee-socks would be far more effective for this purpose, though I'm sure you don't want him to realize this...

========== In Reply To ========== Hi Tom, you ask a lot questions. so far i have not had to wear the skirt as i have not run out of trousers. 1 pair got ripped but my mum repaired them. if i did ruin all my trousers, or they are all in the wash at the same time then i'll have to wear the skirt. to answer your questions, if i wear the skirt it will be with my normal underpants and school shirt but girls tights. i would have to wear it from 8am to 3:30pm every school day until my trousers are ready to use again. I tried the skirt and tights on in private to satisfy my curiosity i didn't like the feel of them - especiallt the tights. the thought of wearing that skirt to school and being seen by everyone who knows me makes me feel sick. the skirt is knee lenth and dark grey. i also have some girls shoes in case i ruin my school shoes. i only have to survive until christmas then i can have some more new clothes.

Posted in Uniforms in School on 2003-07-24 01:50:41

Curious, you did not list shorts as part of the boys' uniform item selections... The school I went to required a suit with short trousers for all male students through 15. Having to go bare-legged was a love/hate thing for most of us, especially the adolescent lads, as our shorts were really short-- understandably, they were embarrassing, yet we got-off on the senseuality of it in spite of this, albeit we never admitted so to others... Anybody else here made to go in short shorts as a youth; and, if so, did you (secretly) enjoy it?

Posted in The rod at school on 2003-07-23 00:21:42

Simply, make him go in short pants all the time for a week or two-- not just any old shorts but a pair sized to fit him as brief & snug as possible... This has the best corrective affect/effect on adolescent youths, for whom the humiliation, indignation & teasing caused by being so exhibited is understandably most poignant... It's surprising how docile & much better behaved a lad becomes after enduring a stint this way... And, of course, it can also be employed in addition to CP when warrented...

Posted in Shorts on 2003-07-14 02:52:53

Yes, indeed, I know what you mean; I had the same experiences/feelings re the shorts I had to wear at my school (through age 15), except that in our case the shorts were purposely made to fit us as brief & snug as possible as part of the school's disciplinary practice... Although it caused us some undue humiliation & teasing, like you, many of us (myself included) ironically found we LIKED the sensual feelings (and the hard-ons) we got from having our legs utterly naked & enjoyed the complements we got, albeit we never admitted so to anyone but ourselves... In any case, I hope you keep on enjoying going in your short shorts as much as I enjoyed wearing mine for as long as you can...

========== In Reply To ========== I have to wear shorts 2 my school because U have to if U R a boy under 14. However, I wear them as short as I can. I like it though because everyone looks at my bare thighs. People teeze me and say I have pretty legs but some of the girls like it. I luv it when someone accidently brushes up against my bare legs. It gives me a hard-on.

Posted in School Uniform on 2003-07-13 23:48:36

Well being concerned over petty things like having to wear a tie with one's school uniform seems rather silly when compaired to your predicament...

I can't say I approve or disapprove of your father's way in this regard, but I find it curious as it is not unlike old-fashioned "petticoat discipline," which was/is usually imposed on a boy by a female. In the literature concerning this method of "training" (where the boy was not totally femininized) the skirt was often just an inordinately brief kilt (which the boy had to also sometimes wear without any underware)...

I assume you are allowed underware if/when you are made to go in the skirt, but how short is it? How does your father explain this to others? How do you feel about it (hate it or secretly like it)? How do your peers react (sympathetically understanding or mean teasing)? How long are you kept in the skirt? Knee-socks or anklets? Other girl's attire part of ensemble? If CP is also part of your father's discipline practice, do you find you "get it" more when wearing the skirt? ...

Whatever, I hope all works out well for you...


========== In Reply To ========== for next term my dad bought me 3 trousers and a skirt. if i lose or ruin any of the trousers he will make me wear the skirt for school i had to try it on in the shop. i was terrified someone might see me have any other boys had to do this