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Posted in Today's Media: Images Of Female Supremacy? on 2011-02-13 17:47:41

QueensMan its so cool to hear your opinion concerning Female superiority. But the best is you teach it to your children so they learn from the start that Females are the superior gender. That means in future it will be a natural thing to serve a Girl in every way. This education is getting more and more common I see, in our family its the same we teach my son to serve his Sister in every way and for him its natural now and he accepts and likes that we always put HER in charge. He has to accept the rules of me his mother that means he is always naked at home he has to strip down when he enters the house and everyone can see him like this also the visitors, friends of his sister etc. Naked boys behave much better I can tell you so why you don't do it to your son pull down his pants in front of his clothes sister always he will get used to it! Its much more easier to punish him, when he argues against his sister she can kick him in the balls then he will agree with Her soon! When his male classmates come to our house they have also strip completely naked it looks so funny to see helpless naked boys in front of my daughter and her friends who like to laugh a lot about it. Outside my son has to go barefeet to school and shirtless when its warm. I see now more and more young boys barefeet in the streets but no more girls. Girlsfeet are to precious and pretty so Girls should never be barefeet outside. My daughter just likes to put her bare feet on the tables in the house (and shes allowed whatever she wants) but she never walks outside without her expensive designer shoes.

Posted in boys as girl's slaves on 2010-11-25 23:34:46

Your so cool Alessandra I want to be your slave tomorrow....Im a young boy and I dream of licking your wonderfull $%!@ every day. Especially when you were on toilet please let me lick your $%!@ and your glory hole completely clean. Girls dont need toilet paper anymore there are enough young boys slaves for this. Thats the only thing what we boys are made for cause we are worthless and useless. All Girls should be Queens like you and all boys should live under Girls $%!@.

Posted in Boys humiliated by girls on 2010-11-17 23:53:21

Hello Kitty Goddess youre so cool! We boys will all be naked slaves in future for the wonderful Girls in this world. I dream of kissing your precious feet every day while you kick my worthless nuts. I would like to lick the $%!@ of a 16 year old Dominant like You while you sit on my face like a queen. Please let me drink your golden shower I would almost eat your kaviar just to be your slave. Its an honor for every boy to taste what comes out of Your wonderful body!

Posted in Are girls superior to boys? on 2010-11-11 23:06:49

Yes you're completely right I'm a young boy and girls are superior to me in every way. Girls in school like to humiliate us boys every day and for me its ok. Girls should have the legal right to do whatever they want while we boys should get punished very hard when we do anything against them. Girls these days like to kick us in the balls every day just for fun and although it hurts I like to get humiliated by girls and feel their power feet over me. Before they do it sometimes they strip us boys completely naked and they laugh cause we feel so ashamed. In summer I go barefeet and sometimes shirtless to school just to humiliate myself. It feels so cool to be half naked in front of clothed Girls. I hope in future all males will be slaves just born to serve and worship every Female in the world.

Posted in family cfnm+Boys&girls nudity on tv,movies etc. on 2010-10-11 08:30:55

I'm a young boy and I agree with Laura and Amy. We Boys shouldn't have the right to wear anything in PE and have to do it completely naked. I think this will be reality in near future at schools so the boys would learn from the start having more respect of girls. Its also healty for boys and there is no reason why we should hide our testicles at any age so girls can see the development of boys to men. Boys have no right to be modest. In my class we have to do sports barefeet and shirtless while the girls wear gymnastic clothes and shoes. So boys are already used to be half naked in front of the clothed girls and I would accept getting forced by my female teacher to strip completely. One time she said she would like the boys even have no more rights to wear any shorts nor underwear in PE/Swimming and she will suggest this to the school managemet which is leaded by many feminist womens opinion. Maybe next time we boys will be bare $%!@ naked soon. It would be very funny to see all boys ashamed and embarrassed nude why the girls laugh about. I would be very ashamed at the start but for me its cool when girls rule and I will get used to it. Also when the girls would try to hit our hanging balls in soccer and other games and we boys cry of pain while all girls stand around laughing :-)