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Alternatives to Long Term Incarceration

Much money is spent housing and taking care of felony offenders in prison. Many states are moving away from the death penalty for homicide. This usually means expensive long term or life time incarceration as well. This poll explores your responses to other options for felony offenders who will spend a great many years in prison at tax payer expense. The options presented do not assume "correction", but rather a more productive and economical means of punishing such convicted offenders in a manner to gain benefit regarding community needs as well as insure community safety, while in some cases offering the felon a strong incentive to go clean once they have paid the penalty for their crime. This poll is about adult felons, both female and male. It does not in any way address the issue of juvenile crime and alternatives to incarceration for criminal behavior in minors. Please be sincere, as this poll is one small part of my doctoral studies.
Do you feel the current system of long term incarceration is efficient and adequate for the needs of communities?
If you chose yes, then you need not participate in the rest of this poll as you will not be interested in the questions, but thanks for your time.
If you chose "partially", which aspects of the practice of long term incarceration do you feel need attention for improvement.
Costs per prisoner are too high...lower them.
Danger of harm or death for both inmates and prison workers is too great. Improve security measures.
Rehabilitation efforts are not effective. Find other options.
If alternative means of felon punishment were offered and viable to sustain in our communities, would you consider them if the cost of long term incarceration could be eliminated, reduced by at least 75 percent, or perhaps even produce a revenue stream for communities, local governments, or financial recompense for the specific victims of a felon's crime...such as assault, murder (family survivor), rape, etc...?
No, stick with locking them up!
Which of the following alternative forms of punishment, other than long term lock up in prison, would you consider for further explanation to achieve the goals of eliminated, reduced, revenue generation for local coo unities and/or recompensation to victims?
Shorter term (perhaps 1 year max depending on crime) incarceration but very intense....for strictly punitive purpose. Prisoners kept in rigid restraints 24/7 when not working. Hard labor on projects related to local community needs via chain gang controls. Use of regulation controlled devices such as leather straps of specified thickness or electric shock equipment to regulation voltage and duration. Remember, this is for short term punishment to felons...to gain something productive to community while reducing cost with shorter terms.
Offering select prisoners for sale to authorized, trained, and certified buyers of prisoner slave services for contracted periods of time. The proceeds would fund the program and hopefully generate revenue for the purposes previously mentioned. This sale of prisoners into service would be considered a form of slavery. Enforcement would need to be rigid and firm and would include forms of corporal punishment as well as other constraints such as restraints and lock ups...but such would be managed by the licensed prisoner slave owners and subject to laws governing such.
For those convicted of murder or crimes typically given the life sentence... offering them for sale to those needing highly dangerous tasks done...such as high altitude work...risky operations...or hig health hazard job environments, etc. This of course dependent on physical and skill ability of felon.
Regular prolonged corporal punishment for felons who are deemed less a threat to the community. For instance, public lashings or harsh spankings on a weekly or monthly basis for a period of time (perhaps a year max.) The intent is punishment aasociated with both pain and humiliation, so the atmosphere should reflect that philosophy. Skin bared, partial or fully naked depending on the sentence given...each time followed by a time period of public display in either the position in which the punishment was administered, or another device such as a stock like used in colonial times. Felon permitted to work at corrections supervised hard labor while living in home. The revenue will provide for the cost of felon's basic sustenance and extra will be given to the corrections system to fund the program or the local community for victim recompense or community needs. The corporal punishment sessions will be available to any citizen who wishes to see the sessions at a cost. If the felon caused victim damage, any associated victim could attend the sessions free of charge. The punishments would be administered by trained and licensed officers for such.
Suspension of care. For extreme and/or extremely hideous felon crimes...simply lock them up and never open the door again until they have expired. No food, no water, no clothing, no light....nothing. Do not execute, but just let them die. This both punitive, somewhat in line with growing opposition to the death penalty, and costs very little to sustain program costs.
Suspension of care via banishment to a controlled area of land, perhaps an island...in which other felons have also been sent. It is literally survival of the strongest and living off the meager resources of the land that might be available. No help from any outside source would be provided. No food,materials, shelter, clothing...nothing. Perhaps some of the prison movies had it right? Costs of the program could be very low.
There will be further follow up on poll in response to any comments or questions you may post. The above are brief explanations and not attempts to address the many details that would be required for successful implementation.
Last question....if all or any of the above reforms to long term incarceration of felons were enacted...should they be applied equally to all genders?
It should depend on the gender with which the felon identifies.
The application of these punishment methods should not have any consideration regarding biological gender or personal,identification with a gender.
No, some are not appropriate for male felons.
No, some are not appropriate for female felons.
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