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COLLEGE GUYS: Is going shirtless in college student parking lots appropiate?

This survey is for college guys. COLLEGE GUYS WHO COMMUTE TO COLLEGE ARE PREFERRED TO TAKE THIS SURVEY. Do you think going shirtless and driving off campus shirtless is appropiate? Do you go shirtless in on-campus parking lots?
What type of college do you attend?
Community College
Which of the following best applies to you?
I commute to college.
I live on campus. I'm taking this survey to voice my opinion.
In order to continue with this survey, you must be a male.
I am a male.
I am female. Please leave and submit answers above.
When the tempature is warm outside (esp. the end of the spring semester and beginning of the fall semester) do you think it's acceptable for a guy student to go shirtless and drive off campus shirtless?
Yes, us guys should be allowed to go shirtless as much as we want in student parking lots.
No, keep the shirt on.
You are at college and walking to your car in a student parking lot. It is a nice warm day. What are you most likely to do?
I would take my shirt off as I walk to my car.
I would take my shirt off as I stand outside my car door.
I would take my shirt off after I get in my car.
I would keep my shirt on. (Don't answer the next question, if you gave this answer.)
If you were wearing two shirts (example a muscle shirt and a tee shirt) would you take off both shirts?
No, I would only take off the tee shirt.
Yes, I would take off both shirts.
How often do you see other guy students go shirtless and drive off campus shirtless?
Everyday, when it's warm outside.
Frequently, but not everyday.
I only see other guy students go shirtless, if I park in a certain student parking lot.
What would be your reason for taking off your shirt and driving off campus shirtless? Check all the following answers that applies to you.
To show off my abs, biceps, toned chest, and shoulders.
Because I was hanging-out with a buddy (on campus) and he told me to go shirtless.
I don't want to sweat in a shirt.
I saw another guy go shirtless and drive off campus shirtless.
I want to get comfortable driving in the warm tempature.
Because I had a gym class and I am now sweaty.
Because I had a sport meeting/practice.
How often do you go shirtless in the student parking lot(s) at college and drive off campus shirtless?
Everyday that it is warm outside.
Almost everyday. Sometimes depending on my mood.
Sometimes, it all depends.
Rarely or almost never.
Have you ever walked shirtless through the hallways of a health & physcial education building at college?
Yes, and I was asked to put a shirt on.
Yes, but I wasn't asked to put a shirt on.
What is your shirtlessness mood/personality like?
If I'm with a group of guys, I'm always the first guy to take the shirt off. Or I'm always the first guy for someone to see go shirtless.
I will only go shirtless if I see another guy go shirtless, and depending on my mood.
I will only go shirtless if I start to sweat.
I rarely or never go shirtless for whatever reason.
This poll was created on 2011-02-15 11:11:15 by Dude Guy