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Music Industary Poll

Survey for music class.
1) What's your favourite genre of music?
A) Rock
B) Rap
C) R&B
D) Other
2) How often do you listen to your cultural music?
A) Never
B) Sometimes
C) Always
3) Where do you get your music from?
A) Store (ex: albums, CDS)
B) Online - Legally (ex: Itunes, Vevo)
C) Online - Illegally (ex: Torrents, Limewire)
4) Do you own things that are endrosed by artists? (ex: Beats by Dre, shirt with band's logo)
A) Yes
B) No
5) How many times have you been to a concert in the past 12 months?
A) Never
B) 1-3
C) 3-5
D) 6+
6) How much did you spend on your music player?
A) Free/Gift
B) $1-$50
C) $51-$100
D) $100 +
E) Don't own one
7) Who's your favourite artist?
A) Justin Bieber
B) Eminem
C) Katy Perry
D) Lady Gaga
E) Other
8) How much time per day do you spend listening to music?
A) Never
B) 1 - 14 minutes
C) 15 - 30 minutes
D) 30 + minutes
9) Do you think the music industary plays significant role in your life?
A) Yes
B) No
10) What kind of medium do you use to use to find out about news on the current music industary? (ex: new artists, new albums)
A) Friends (word of mouth)
B) Radio
C) TV (ex: MTV)
D) Internet (ex: blogs)
This poll was created on 2011-02-09 21:48:07 by jaysonblaal