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Guys - UFC, MMA fighters or fans

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If there was a guy tied up and dressed in a leather pants, shirt, hood (only nose holes) and ear plugs (as to look like punching bag or dummy) etc... Would you think it was a good idea to use him for warm ups or just plain old practice.
Great idea!
Ahh hmm bad idea...
Sigh where can I can find one of those... Evil laugh
If yes, then what would you say then...
I don't care IF HE GETS HURT AT ALL!
A knock out punch would be so cool!
Just watching him get PWNED by a UFC or MMA fighter would be good enough!
Ahhh well don't want the guy messed up but little bruising is okay..
I would pay $$$ to WATCH HIM GET MESSED UP BAD!
I think the fighter would love a real person rather then a bag...
I wanna see the full 2 hr warm up done on this guy! LOL LOL
Love to see a gut punch or kick to knock the wind out him... Then a real good punch to the jaw!!!!AAHHH YEA!! That was awesome! Evil laugh hehehe
Hit him harder, harder! YEEEAAAA!
Okay what kinda gloves should the fighter use on this guy?
The bigger boxing gloves
Lighter bag gloves
UFC fighter fingerless gloves
How long should this guy get used for (time).
Ahh about 10 to 15 mins
About a hour
2 Hour warm up time
Or as long as it takes to get FULLY OWNED BY THE FIGHTER...
Well use him for mulitiple fighters so like hours and hours...
HELL I am not watching the time! KEEP GOING AND GOING! Evil laugh... hahahaha
This poll was created on 2010-08-08 00:08:49 by Mr. Style