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Why was i forced to wear briefs

I was forced by my mom to wear boxer-briefs until I was about 10 (four years ago, so i'm 14 now, almost 15). I wore boxer-briefs until I was around 10 . Then I said I wanted to try boxers and she let me. I wore them for a couple years (I was almost 12) and I switched back to boxer-briefs. I got white and colored boxer-briefs until I was 13, when we went to the store and she got me colored briefs and I picked out a package of boxer-briefs. i was looking at her a little wierd when i said I usually wear boxer-briefs, but she got the briefs anyways thinking i wore them. About two months ago, i was getting more underwear when I asked if I could get a package of boxers (I wanted them for sleeping in and for changing out in gym, which I don't have to do anymore) and she said that i'm not allowed to get boxers, then she got me briefs again (that i didnt wear) and I picked out a package of boxer-briefs. After i picked out the package she looked at me weird again and said that boxer-briefs are boxers and that she was just going to get what she had (briefs). After that time she saw that i had them in my room and got rid of them leaving me with a bunch of unopened briefs. Why does she have this intension?
why do you think she does this
wants me to wear briefs like my brother (younger)
she thinks they're cuter on me
she likes to bug me
wants to see my reaction
she thinks they are healthier
what do you wear
what should i do
stick with briefs
try to buy boxers without her knowing (but she will probably find em)
try to get my brother to help
can you comment on the message board please and tell me what to do?
yes (think you!)
This poll was created on 2010-03-03 22:45:40 by fred545