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A couple winters ago, a bunch of us were sitting around after a hard day of mogul skiing. Everybody's muscles were hurting and in my case, other parts were too. I mentioned that after all that bump bashing, my balls felt like they'd been through a blender. I was surprised when a friend said I could prevent that by wearing a jockstrap like he did. I'd never considered wearing an athletic supporter to ski and wondered if it's a common practice. This started a big debate on ski underwear. The one guy was wearing a jock, and a couple others said they'd worn one occasionally. Another said he used to wear a jockstrap, but stopped when he decided it was just too restrictive. Sport briefs got several votes. The rest wore whatever underwear they wore every other day of the week, although some admitted they'd suffered from achy balls too. PLEASE DON'T TAKE IT MORE THAN ONCE TO KEEP THE RESULTS VALID. This poll is designed for North American skiers only.
How old are you?
6 to 10
11 to 15
16 to 20
21 to 25
26 to 35
36 +
How many years have you skied?
This year is my first ski season
1 to 3
4 to 6
7 to 10
More than 10
I don't ski (please don't answer any more questions)
How old were you when you started skiing?
1 to 5
6 to 10
11 to 15
16 to 20
21 to 25
26 to 35
36 +
How many days a year do you ski (average)?
1 to 10
11 to 20
21 to 30
31 to 40
More than 40
What is your expertise as a skier?
Absolute beginner: learning the basics
Advanced beginner: can get down a GREEN slope without crashing
Intermediate: comfortable on BLUE slopes
Advanced: can handle BLACK runs
Expert: excellent all-mountain ability including bumps, powder, trees, and steep
Ski Team: racer
Where do you live?
East Coast
Rocky Mountain West
West Coast
Where do you ski?
East Coast
Rocky Mountain West
West Coast
How close do you live to where you usually ski?
Less than 50 miles
50 to 200 miles
201 to 400 miles
More than 400 miles
Describe your most common ski trip
Just a couple runs: less than a day
Day trip
Weekender: 2 or 3 days staying in a hotel or condo
Vacation trip: 4 to 9 days staying in a hotel or condo
Longer than 10 days
What is your favorite kind of ski slope?
GREEN - Easy groomed slopes
BLUE - More difficult slopes
BLACK - Steep groomed slopes
BLACK - Bumps
Racing gates
Terrain Park
What kind of underwear do you usually wear on a normal non-skiing day?
Traditional briefs
Sports brief or other athletic underwear
Other (what?)
Boxer briefs
Bikini or Fashion briefs
What kind of underwear do you wear most often to ski?
Other (what?)
Just my Long Johns
Boxer briefs
Bikini or Fashion briefs
Traditional briefs
Sports brief or other athletic underwear
Do you upgrade to tighter underwear if you plan to ski hard slopes, bumps, cliffs, trees, race gates or a terrain park?
I don't ski those kinds of slopes
Do you think it's a good idea to wear tight underwear such as a jockstrap or sports brief to ski?
No, swinging in the breeze feels fine
No, I think wearing a jock is way too serious for a sport like skiing
Probably, but normal underwear seems to work OK
Yes, and I wear a jockstrap or sports brief
Only if you're suffering from sore balls
After a day of skiing, have you ever suffered from sore balls or other pains that wearing a jockstrap might have prevented?
Yes, frequently
Yes, a few times
Yes, once
No, never
Have you ever worn a jockstrap for skiing?
I've never worn a jockstrap
I tried wearing a jockstrap once or twice
I used to wear a jockstrap regularly, but have quit wearing one
I rarely wear a jockstrap - less than 1/3 of my ski days
I sometimes wear a jockstrap - between 1/3 and 2/3 of my ski days
I usually wear a jockstrap - more than 2/3 of my ski days
If you've worn a jockstrap skiing, why did you start?
I'd suffered from sore balls and wanted firmer support
I hadn't suffered previously but wanted firmer support
I wanted something more comfortable than what I'd been wearing. (What had you been wearing?)
Curiosity. I just wanted to see what it would feel like
My parents wanted me to wear one
My friends wore jockstraps skiing and they convinced me to try it
A bunch of friends decided to wear jockstraps as a group
It's what I wear everyday
My ski coach told me to wear one
Other reason (please explain)
If you've worn a jockstrap skiing, how old were you when you started wearing one?
6 to 10
11 to 15
16 to 20
21 to 25
26 to 35
36 +
If you've worn a jockstrap skiing, how many seasons have you worn one? (Or, if you've quit wearing a jockstrap,how many seasons did you wear one?)
I only wore it once or twice - less than a season
This season is my first
1 to 3
4 to 6
7 to 10
More than 10
If you've worn a jockstrap skiing, how does it feel?
It's the best. It feels good all day long
It feels good at first but bugs me by the end of the day
It's kind of uncomfortable but I need the support so I wear it anyway
I quit! It was too uncomfortable to wear all day
I don't like to wear jockstraps skiing, but my parents want me to wear one, so I do
If you've worn a jockstrap skiing but gave it up, why?
Jockstraps are just too uncomfortable to wear all day long
I found some other kind of sports underwear that seems to do the job better
None of my friends wear jockstraps skiing and I just felt strange being the only one
My parents discouraged me from wearing a jockstrap
It was a one-time thing with friends, not something I want to do every time I ski
other reason (please explain)
If you haven't worn a jockstrap skiing, why not?
I wear another form of sports underwear and it gives me enough support
Normal underwear works fine. I don't see any need for additional support
I sometimes feel like I need extra support, but jockstraps are too uncomfortable to wear all day
I'd feel weird wearing a jockstrap since none of my friends wear one
I don't own a jockstrap
I'd never thought about wearing one
other reason (please explain)
Has a friend ever told you that he wears a jockstrap skiing and recommended you wear one too?
Yes, but he didn't convince me to start wearing one
Yes, and I told him I already wore a jockstrap
Yes, and that got me to try wearing one
Nobody has ever told me he wears a jockstrap skiing
If you've worn a jockstrap skiing, have you ever told a friend that you wear one and recommended he try wearing one too?
Yes, and that got him to try wearing one
I've never told anyone I wear a jockstrap skiing
Yes, and he told me he already wore a jockstrap
Yes, but I didn't convince him to start wearing one
What is your general attitude towards jockstraps?
I like wearing my jock for sports, but look forward to taking it off afterwards
I like the feeling of wearing a jockstrap, and wear one whenever possible
I wear jockstraps when absolutely necessary, but prefer to avoid them
I hate jockstraps and refuse to wear one
Thank you for taking my poll. If you've tried wearing a jockstrap to ski, please tell everyone your feelings about wearing one in the TALK ABOUT IT MESSAGE AREA. After taking this poll, are you more likely to wear a jockstrap when you go skiing?
I've never tried a jockstrap for skiing and don't plan to start
I'm going to try wearing something more supportive than my boxers, but a jockstrap is too hard core
I think I'll try wearing a jockstrap to see how it feels
I already wear a jockstrap, so I won't be making any changes
I already tried wearing a jockstrap and didn't like it, so I'm sticking with something else
This poll was created on 2004-11-15 22:58:36 by Light Speed