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(GIRLS ONLY) Have you ever lost a catfight?

Some days ago, it happened to my girlfriend... Now let's talk about your experience...
Where are you from?
How old are you?
14 - 18
19 - 23
24 - 28
29 - 35
more than 35
Are you...
Red hair
Talking about your hair...
Not so long, not so short
Very long
The reason why you fight... (More than one if you want)
I hate that bitch!!! (You know her from a long time and you knew from the start that it was gonna be a catfight...)
I was drunk (Ok... Someone told you that you lost a fight)
For a guy... (Girlfriends, ex-girlfriends, chicks looking at your boyfriend, your guy looking another girl,...)
Just to have fun (Something like you were trying mud/oil/jello wrestling or whatever you wanted and it started to become a real catfight....)
Don't know why... (You know... You were at a party and someone hit you with a glass of beer or someone looks at you in a way you don't like... something like that)
How many times you lost a fight? (Don't count if you lose when you were 8 years old at a summer camp and another girl pulled your hair for 5 seconds...)
Just one
2 or 3 times
4 or 5 times
more than five
Did you talk about your experience with your boyfriend?
He was there... Watching
YES, I know he'd feel excited about the scene even if I lose
YES, I Know he'd feel excited about the scene in particular for the fact that I lose
YES, whe talk about everything... He won't judge me
YES, I need someone taking care of my wounds...
NO, I don't want him to know that I had a fight
NO, I don't want him to know that I lost... It's humiliating
NO, I don't want him to know that chick beat me...
The day you fight you were dressed... (even more than one, if you didn't fight just once)
Bikini, It happened on a beach
Lingerie, I cannot immagine the situation but it could happen...
Very sexy dress, I was at a party or going to disco
T-shirt and jeans
In your opinion, the girl who kicked your ass was... (even more than one and try to be honest)
Very Sexy, hot body... Something like Jessica Alba, Eva Mendes or Maria Sharapova (F**K!!! She won and she is also sexy...)
Nice, not a sex-bomb but very nice...
Normal, someone can like her, someone not...
Ugly, quite fat, not good looking
A monster, mix between Marilyn Manson, Michael Jackson and Shrek
She is... (even more than one)
Red Headed
Asian Type girl
Black Type girl
Be honest, you are...
Nice, the hottest guys look at me
Ugly, I'm honest
Very ugly, but I'm very smart
When you were fighting and you felt you were losing... What did you think?
Why nobody came and stop the fight???
...I need to cry...
I don't want to moan! I don't want her feel how much I'm suffering!
"If I give will she let go mi hair?"
So much people looking... She can beat me, but every guy is looking at my ass
It has been close and she suffered just a bit less than me!
MMM... Ouch... Please stop... mmm... Please... Ouch...
When she pulled your hair and you knew that you were going to lose...
OUCH!!! And started moaning until the end...
You were scared that she could rip your hair
You just said "Please stop"
You felt humiliated, because it's the most clear sign of domination over another chick
Ok I'm suffering, ok it's humiliating, but guys will be horny...
In general what do you think about people stopping a girl fight?
A fight must go on untill the end, even if I lose
If I'm losing I wanna be saved
Stop it if one girl gives up and the other one continues
Stop it only if there's blood
How your fight/s ended? (even more than one)
You said that you give or something similar
The other girl stopped, when it was clear that she won
You give and the other girl didn't stop!!!
You started crying
Someone stopped the fight
The day after... (even more than one)
"Guys love the loser of a girl fight!!!"
You were thinking about revenge!!!
Anyone saw that you lost from the bruises on your body
You stayed at home crying for what happened
Wow I'm sexy with these bruises on my body... I look like an oil wrestler
Would you fight again?
No, I don't wanna lose again
Yes, anyway it's exciting
No, it was scarying
Yes, but I wanna try something like oil wrestling... It's sexier!
Yes, but next time I'll be a cruel winner
Sure, why not?
Yes, my boyfriend loves it
The perfect underwear for a catfight is...
Cotton Panties
Any type but I want it black!!!
Silk shorts
Any type but I want it pink!!!
Moaning during the fight...
it's a bad idea, because the other girl will never stop what she is doing
Is a sign that you are losing or suffering a lot
It's natural...
In your opinion why guys are more excited when their girlfriend lose?
Because the loser is sexier
Because they like the idea of "taking care"
Because they love to ear their girls moaning
Because the loser is more femenine
I really don't know why, but it's a good thing for me...
If your boyfriend is watching the match and you're losing what do you hate most?
He watches you giving up
The other girl pull your hair in front of him and you're moaning...
The other girl look at him while she's kicking your ass
Which is the most sexy kind of match to lose?
Lingerie match
Oil Wrestling
Mud Wrestling
A fight on the beach
Which is the worst way you lost a match?
Started crying
Telling the other girl "Please stop... I Give..."
THANK YOU GIRLS... Next time you'll win!!!
This poll was created on 2008-07-06 07:45:29 by bad80