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How equal do you think women really are?

Do you think women and men are completely equal?

38% (15) Yes
61% (24) No

39 voters have answered this question.

If you're female, which of these would you be comfortable giving up to prove we're completely equal?

42% (8) No more women and children 1st in emergencies
31% (6) Having men open doors for us
57% (11) Being excused from frontline combat
36% (7) Having seperate restrooms
42% (8) All forms of chivalry
57% (11) Having men be expected to pay for all the stuff

19 voters have answered this question.

If you're male, which of these are you ok with?

65% (17) Women asking me out and paying for everything
46% (12) Women being in frontline combat
57% (15) Women and men sharing the same public restrooms
61% (16) Women acting like one of the guys
69% (18) Women acting like men's equal in general

26 voters have answered this question.

Women, of the following so called 'guy' things, which have you done?

12% (2) Hunted
31% (5) Played tackle football
12% (2) Chewed tobacco
18% (3) Played rugby
62% (10) Peed out in the woods
25% (4) Played paintball
87% (14) Taken out the trash at home
50% (8) Taken out the trash at work
25% (4) Compacted trash in the trash compactor at work
31% (5) Announced in a group "I have to take a sh!t"
25% (4) Pooped out in the woods

16 voters have answered this question.

Guys: Which do you have the hardest time seeing girls do of stuff that you'd be ok with doing, or that you wish they wouldn't do b/c it's not sexy?

41% (10) Play any rough sport
45% (11) Fight in frontline combat
62% (15) Chew tobacco
41% (10) Announce "I've got to take a sh!t"
33% (8) Talk about "that time of the month"
20% (5) Take out the trash
70% (17) Wear their hair in a guy hairstyle

24 voters have answered this question.

If you believe in the death penalty, do you think if a woman commits murder, she should be executed?

67% (21) Yes
32% (10) No

31 voters have answered this question.

What was your reaction the 1st time you saw a garbagewoman?

18% (6) Wow...this is how far we've come...
18% (6) Why on earth is she doing that? That's guys work!
40% (13) That's awesome!
9% (3) This is terrible!
12% (4) Um, she looks very guyish...bet she's lesbo

32 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2005-01-25 16:10:43 by tylergarrisonroxmysox
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