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men in curlers

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What do you think about men or boys in curlers, my mother used to perm and set my hair as a young boy and I still enjoy it today, Is it acceptable.

If you are a male, Have you ever been in curlers before?

15% (171) Once or twice for kicks
71% (805) Many times and enjoy it still
7% (84) Would like to but afraid to try it
5% (59) No Never

1119 voters have answered this question.

Females, have you ever set a mans hair or would you like to if had a chance?

22% (109) Yes, Just a few times
60% (295) Yes many times
13% (66) No, Never but would like to try it
2% (14) No Never that would be rediculous

484 voters have answered this question.

If it was more acceptable today would you do it or would u try to get him to?

10% (72) Yes, just for kicks
26% (191) Love to try it
42% (306) Have many times
18% (134) Would love to try on husband or son
1% (12) No Never

715 voters have answered this question.

I believe more mothers should try to show a little feminization in their sons and husbands, boyfriends. What do you think?

43% (450) Yes, it should be considered
36% (377) Yes, I would like to
14% (144) Maybe it would be fun
5% (55) No too Much!

1026 voters have answered this question.

It can make for some interesting times for private enjoyment with significant other, or even with entire family going along with it. Do you think it would be something you would consider?

64% (643) Yes why not
6% (63) Yes would consider but probably won't try
26% (267) Sounds like a fun time
2% (28) No, NEVER

1001 voters have answered this question.

What are you fo the following?

70% (773) Straight male
5% (64) gay male
5% (60) straight female
0% (1) Gay female
6% (71) Bi
11% (126) Somewhere inbetween

1095 voters have answered this question.

If you are a male, how or who did you get started in this?

17% (186) Mother did it at her own desire
7% (74) Mom did it at my request
19% (205) GF did at her request
6% (68) Gf did at my request
4% (50) Friend did
44% (467) On My own

1050 voters have answered this question.

If you are a male have You ever done any else on this list?

42% (454) Crossdress limitedly
31% (343) Crossdress Regularly
56% (605) wear makeup
65% (699) wear panties or lingerie
48% (523) dyed hair
27% (292) gone out passed as a women
45% (483) tried on wifes GF clothing
45% (489) tried on sisters or Moms clothing
35% (383) been in public in curlers
67% (719) been to a saloon for a set or perm
14% (152) set another males hair
4% (53) set a son's hair

1072 voters have answered this question.

Do you think it should be more acceptable for men to wear womens styles in hair as well as clothing choices? If yes what would you wear?

83% (915) hair styles
57% (629) panties
46% (512) Bra
49% (549) skirt
48% (531) dresses
57% (631) makeup
32% (362) girls jeans
44% (491) blouses
45% (498) everything
4% (44) No Nothing like this

1099 voters have answered this question.

What did you think of this poll and I hope if You should see me out someday in my curlers you will be nice and just smile?

0% (10) Stupid poll
33% (372) Interesting
5% (60) like to leave a response
0% (6) waste of time
31% (351) Loved the poll
42% (472) Love the idea of men with curly styled hair
42% (467) Would like to see a man out in curlers
27% (298) would like to see more females out in curlers to

1098 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2006-01-21 03:13:08 by jaimiehurst
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