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Babysitters Bathing Boys

watched by babsitters niece

Posted by Ralphyyyyyy on 2009-07-10 03:57:27

It's not a big deal at all.
When I was younger, my sisters used to take turns giving me baths. It was just what happened in my family. I never gave a thought to being nude in front of my sisters or mom or dad. As I and my sisters got older, my oldest sister rarely was around, so my younger sister bathed me. She was three years older than I, and occassionally had a friend, or friends over. So when I was 9, she and her friends were 12 or 13. I remember when my sister started having her friend named Carolyn over. Carolyn had recently moved in a couple of houses up the street. She was sort of cute to me, even at the age of 9. One night when Carolyn was over, my sister went up to the bathroom and started running the water into the tub. She was there with Carolyn talking. She called me up for my bath. I came into the bathroom and sort of, just stopped at the door and looked at her.
"Robby, let's go, I have things to do tonight.' My sister said, as she moved toward me and pushed me into the bathroom, at the same time grasping my t-shirt and pulling it up and ober my head. I buttoned my pants, slid them down, and stepped out of them, and then hesitated again.
"Robby, let's go." she said and reached over and pulled my underpants down. I automatically stepped out of them and stood naked inf ront of our new neighbor, Carolyn. Strangely, perhaps because my sister and I have done this ever since I could remember, I didn't cover myself from embarrassment, but I was feeling something - not sure what it was. For years past, my bath was routine - my sister would shampoo my hair, rinse, and then soap my whole upper body; then I'd stand and she'd soap up my whole lower body. Then I'd sit down and rinse all the soap off. On this night, as my sister and Carolyn talked, (my sister knelt beside the tub, and Carolyn sat on the closed toilet seat), after my arms, back and stomach were soaped, my sister said,. "Up, little guy," I automatically stood up and as my sister's soapy hands slipped over my genitals, I began to get aroused. {Now, me getting an erection during bath time with either of my sisters wasn't an unusual event; an event that amounted to absolutely nothing. All that was ever mentioned was, "You got a little stiffy - perfectly normal for a boy; don't give it a thought.} Well, on this night when I stood up and my sister began to soap between my legs and up to my genitals, I got very erect, very fast. I put my hands in front of myself to cover it, but Carolyn clearly saw it all. After sitting back in the water and rinsing all the soap off, I was still erect because it was all I was thinking about, I had to get out of the tub to get dried, which I did, for all to see. I stood there naked and erect, while I got all dried off, and actually, by the time I was dried, the sensation of it all was beginning to wear off - really. It was beginning to - not be a big deal. {I think it was initally a big deal because Carolyn had never been there before. But through the bath, they never stopped talking about whatever they talked about. They never seemed to be focused on me at all. My bath was just another thing they needed to do.} As the weeks went on, Carolyn was over from time to time, and pretty much each time I would get an erection, but as time went on, I became less and less concerned about it. My sister kept saying, "Perfectly normal and ok for a boy your age. Don't give it a thought." Pretty much, I got to the point where I would get my bath with whoever my sister had over. Usually it was just my sister and I, but there were many nights when she had a friend, or two friends over. Sometimes they helped wash and dry me. Sometimes I got an erection and sometimes I didn't - I got to where It didn't bother me at all. I think I started bathing myself around 12, and all that was over.

Posted by CaDad on 2009-07-21 17:41:25

Obviously your very young and have no idea on what the facts really are: So for starters: There is no truth that girls mature faster than boys, some children obviouly do-but it is not gender specific. There absolutely no basis or truth to the statement boys are less modest than girls, as a matter of fact the oposite is true. Ignoring or minimalizing a childs modesty or their own concern for privacy causes emotional problems for both sexes, it is a natural growth condition and ignoring this can and does harm a child- I can go on-but this is a good starting place-perhaps you should do some more research before you start making stupid statements?

Posted by CaDad on 2009-07-24 02:08:34

are you serious imitchelle06? Boys and girls should never , ever be bathed by someone of the opposite sex by age 6!!!! boys are just as modest as girls, peroid, endof story at approx the same age also. There is no truth to the myth that boys mature slower so don't have modesty!!!!! Yopu can seriously damage a child emotionally by that type of exposure!

Posted by CaDad on 2009-07-24 02:11:17

angelisgirl I guess u and tour mom never heard of child protection agency ( CPS). I wonder how you would feel in juvie and your mom in jail for doing that. It is simply child abuse of the worst sort. I hope you guys get caught!!!

Posted by sergent sunshine on 2009-09-04 16:45:24

r u serius? u starting bathing on ur own at 12? a lot of you r saying that and that is nuts. i was washing my self although i shared the bath whit my little brother, at least by 8. maybe younger. and showering on my own by 12. this is crazy!