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Babysitters Bathing Boys

watched by babsitters niece

Posted by anniegurl on 2005-07-08 00:57:10

When I was a kid, my parents rented a small guest house we had on our property. At first, it was an elderly man, but when I turned 10 he moved to a nursing home and a young woman, Sue, in her early twenties moved in. She started babysitting me, which included giving me a bath. I was used to babysitters giving me baths, so I really didn’t think anything of it. After a while, though, Sue would occasionally have a friend over, who would hang out in the bathroom while she bathed me. I wasn’t real crazy about it, but didn’t care enough to protest. They were “old” to me so I figured it didn’t matter. Maybe six months after she moved in, though, she had a niece who was only about a year older than me come to visit. Her niece, Karen, and I got along pretty well for a couple of days. Then my parents went out and asked Sue if she could baby sit for me. We had dinner and as usual, it was time for my bath, so I went to my room and got undressed. When I went into the bathroom, Karen was right there waiting with Sue! I protested, covering myself, and Sue said not to be silly about it. I said I wasn’t being silly “she’s a girl!” Of course Sue pointed out that she was a girl, too, and so was her friend Cathy and I didn’t mind her being there sometimes. Well, I didn’t have reply to that, so I got in but covered myself. As you would guess, I had to uncover myself so Sue could wash my privates. The second she was done I covered myself, but she told not to, to leave my hands at my sides. So I had to stand there on display to Karen who didn’t do much to hide that she liked the view. The bath was finally over and we all went to the living room to watch TV. I barely spoke two words to either of them for the rest of the night. Well, the same thing happened the next night. A couple of nights later, my Mom was giving me a bath and they came over to watch TV. Karen came in the bathroom and talked to me and my Mom while I got a bath. Karen came to visit several more times during the three years her Aunt lived with us and she got to watch me get a bath every time. I got used to it and even grew to like her – it was fun having someone my own age around. Even after I started bathing myself she would hang out in the bathroom and talk to me.

Posted by anniegurl on 2005-07-13 01:46:14

Nope, I was never given a real reason why she was there. The day after the first time it happened, my mom noticed that I wasn't very friendly to them (we were hanging out in the back yard) and asked what the problem was. My response was the typical "nothing." Then Sue said she suspected it was because she let Karen in during my bath. My mom turned to me and said "oh don't be silly! You’re just getting a bath! What’s the big deal?" I tried the "she's a girl" argument again, but got the same response from my mom as Sue, to which she added "besides, I’m sure Karen has seen her brother get a bath so it's nothing new to her. Now be nice to Karen and Sue." Without actually saying so, my mom basically said it was okay if Karen watched me get a bath! That night Sue bathed me with Karen watching the whole thing again. Two nights later, when my Mom was bathing me, Karen came in. At first she hesitated at the door, but my Mom noticed her and started talking to her, asking about what video they brought back. Karen took a couple of steps in and my Mom kept talking to her, so she came all the way in and stood where she could see everything. My Mom noticed that I was not happy about it and said “Oh stop it! I want to get to know Karen a little, don’t you?” My bath continued with my Mom making small talk and Karen standing there watching. When my Mom was done and drying me off she said “There! Was that really so awful?”

So, like I said, from that point on, every time she came to visit, Karen watched me get a bath whether it was my mom or her aunt doing it. I had gotten so used to her being there that I let her come in even when I started bathing myself. I actually missed her after her aunt moved out!

Posted by anniegurl on 2005-07-15 01:59:14

Yeah, Moms can be obtuse sometimes! I don’t think she really realized how embarrassing it was to have a girl my own age there watching, or she may have acted otherwise.

I wouldn’t necessarily say it was a turn on or that I looked forward to her watching me. Remember, I was only ten when this first started, so “turned on” doesn’t really apply. After I got over being embarrassed I grew to like her. We lived in a rural area so I was on my own most of the time. Like I said, it was nice to have someone my own age around – not to mention that Sue would take both of us to do fun stuff when Karen visited. So, I did look forward to her visits but her watching me in the bath was a part of her visit just like the other things we did.

As I got a little older I did have different feelings about it, although I still wouldn’t necessarily characterize them as sexual. This really started after I began bathing myself. There was maybe a month from the first time I was allowed to do it myself to when Karen came for her next visit, so I was starting to get used to the privacy, although I had to leave the door open some. The first night Karen was there, I just went and started my bath on my own which was a change in the routine Karen knew. I overheard Karen asking Sue about it and Sue told her that I was bathing myself now. There was a surprised and disappointed “Oh!” from Karen – as you might imagine. When I was done, I put my pajamas on and went to the living room to watch TV with Karen and found out that they had gone back to Sue’s already. I was a bit disappointed about this because we usually had fun and got to stay up. I ended up going to bed my usual time, though. The same thing happened the next two nights and then Karen went back home. This ended up being a change I hadn’t anticipated and didn’t really like. I liked hanging around with Karen more than I disliked her watching me get a bath.

The next time she came to visit it was a school vacation, so she stayed for a week. The first night was like the last visit – she left when it was time for my bath. One night, though, we were sitting on my bed when Sue, who was babysitting me that night, told me it was bath time. Karen suggested leaving the game the way it was and finishing the next day. I told her she should just stay and we’d finish when I was done with my bath. I got up and starting taking my clothes off and Karen started to leave. I asked where she was going and she said she’d wait in the living room. I told her she should stay because I’d be done in a few minutes. She seemed a little surprised and confused, but sat back on the bed and watched as I took the last of my clothes off. This part wasn’t anything really unusual – I had always taken my clothes off in my room and Karen often watched this part as well. I went into the bathroom and started my bath. A minute or so later Karen came to the door and asked if I wanted to get a video for the next night. We talked about what to get and she tentatively made her way into the room to where she had full view of me. We continued talking until I was finished and we went back to playing the game.

The next night was basically the same. The following night, though, was the watershed moment. This time, she just followed me into the bathroom and sat on the toilet. After a couple of minutes she looked at me and asked “So do you mind me being here?” I told her I liked it when she came to visit. She said, “No, silly, I meant me being here while you take a bath.” “Oh, I guess not,” I said. “It always used to,” she reminded me. I told her I supposed I had gotten used to it and it doesn’t really bother me anymore. “Really? It doesn’t bother you that I watch while you take a bath?” She looked me up and down as she asked. I shrugged my shoulders and said “It’s OK of you watch, it doesn’t bother me anymore.” She had a mischievous smile as she said “OK, if you say so,” and looked me up and down again. We continued talking as I washed myself. Karen obviously enjoyed the view and continually looked me up and down. Of course, she had done this all along, but it was different now because I had told her it was OK whereas before I gave her dirty looks for it. At one point she took a good look at my privates then looked back at me for my reaction. I just gave her a little smile.

So, from that point on, I let Karen watch me take a bath. I will admit that I got a kind of thrill from it, but I wouldn’t necessarily characterize it as sexual. I suppose it was more like playing doctor. It was a way of being “naughty.”

Posted by anniegurl on 2005-07-16 02:59:43

not when i was 10. remember, that's when this started and i was not happy about it to say the least. i started bathing myslef when i was a little over 11 and was maybe 11 and a half when i told karen it was OK if she watched. i didn't get an erection the first few times after that and didn't every time, but yes, karen did see me with an erection.

Posted by anniegurl on 2005-07-16 05:22:38

Oh, no, she didn’t make fun of me at all – not after I let her watch me anyhow. Even before she didn’t really make fun, she just didn’t hide the fact that she got to watch and there wasn’t anything I could do about it. She was almost a year older than me, and therefore more mature. What was interesting about all the times she watched me bathe, we would always talk about something else like school, our friends, or whatever. With the exception of when I told her it was OK to watch, we never talked about it. Out loud, anyhow, there were looks and smiles back and forth and we both knew the other was enjoying themselves. The first time I got an erection I was just a little “full” as I started and she kept looking at it since I was bigger than normal. As I washed there, it got bigger. She did her usual look at my privates, then look at me and back at my privates again. This time, though, she had a look of anticipation as well. Of course, she was waiting and hoping that I would get an erection! I continued washing the rest of myself, then started to rinse. I made sure that all the soap was off my privates and in so doing, gave myself a full erection. This certainly made Karen smile! Her eyes were glued to it as I finished rinsing the rest of me. I did as usual and got out to dry myself off and went back to my room to put my pajamas on. Karen seemed disappointed, but definitely appreciated the show! The next time was much the same, except I got an erection almost right away. Karen got a great view of me as I washed my hair! When I was done and about to get out, I could tell Karen wanted to look some more, so I just stood there for another minute and let her. Not all of my baths were like this – either my Mom or her Aunt was always nearby, so we had to be careful. Sometimes, too, we were in a rush because there was TV show or something we wanted to watch.